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Pardeeboi-Exclusive Mix-Episode 339
December 07, 2018 01:49 PM PST
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Hello all, we are back for episode 339 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Thank you emplate for your mix that we featured for episode 338!

Our mix for episode 339 comes to us from Detroiter, Pardeboi!

Pardeeboi's mix features deep bass, upfront, and neuro funk rollers, laced together nicely!

Let's meet out dj for this mix, Pardeeboi:

Starting his music career in the early 2000,s Lawrence PardeeBoi has made his way thru multiple genre of music. In his early years it was all about hip hop and bars, Producing beats was his Dream. He got introduced to Fl studio 6 when he was 16 and threw the years he attempted to make hip hop beats and experimental music with vocals and instruments.
In 2012 he started attending electronic music events in and around Detroit and fell in love with the sound of Drum and Bass. In 2014 he was introduced to an art called beatmatching. From then on Lawrence has been honing his skills in both production and mixing Drum and Bass music.

For music from Pardeeboi, please click the links below:



Enjoy the sounds of Pardeeboi! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

emplate-Exclusive Mix-Episode 338
November 23, 2018 05:37 AM PST
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Good morning all, and welcome to episode 338 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Thank you Warhead for your mix that we featured for episode 337!

Episode 338 brings you a mix from the co-boss of The Everyday Junglist Podcast, emplate! This mix is a post holiday hangover cure for the holiday!

emplate's mix features the newest of the new tracks, showcasing deep bass rollers, upfront tracks, and heavy bass, rollers, fit together with surgical precision!!

Let's meet our dj and the Co-Boss of The Everyday Junglist Podcast, emplate:
emplate - Cleveland, Ohio The Everyday Junglist Podcast | dnbradio.com | Nervosa | 412BossCrew | Barbaric Empire Podcast

emplate first heard the sounds of Jungle/Drum & Bass in the summer of '96 and was instantly enchanted. A drummer, and heavily influenced by hip hop, metal, industrial, classical and jazz; emplate believes drum and bass embodies everything he had been listening to and loved before it. In '99 he knew that listening was not enough. He needed more than mixtapes and parties to get his fix. Inspired by the DJs around him and his love for DnB, he dedicated himself to seeking knowledge, selection and skill.

emplate soon became respected both technically and for his sets that interweave neurofunk and darker, minimal DNB tunes that are often peppered with liquid dancefloor tracks if the mood is right. In 2006, emplate became a resident DJ at the former weekly and nationally recognized DnB event "in:verse". Always interested in moving the scene forward, emplate helped develop The Cleveland Drum n Bass Coalition and (216)BASS, both local platforms that Northeast Ohio DnB heads used as a vehicle to further their careers. In August of 2014, emplate joined up with Rockers Music.

Excited about having a DnB label out of Cleveland, emplate spearheaded the local launch of the Rockers 175 label with the “Step Inside” & "Kismet" monthly events held at the Beachland Ballroom, bringing in names such as: Lenzman, Doc Scott, Total Science, Zero T, The Prototypes, Crissy Criss, DJ SS, Aphrodite, Dara, AK1200, Dieselboy & more. After stepping away from the label & the turbulent life of event promotions, he focused on being the best DJ he could be...taking his mixing to new levels & determined to prove that he's underrated, not only in his hometown & state, but the U.S. as a whole.

He was soon approached about hosting his own weekly show on dnbradio.com and quickly accepted...The Astrogator can be heard every Wednesday 7-9pm EST. For over a decade, emplate has been known for his diverse selection of up to date releases, promos & unreleased tracks & plays accordingly to timeslot, crowd & vibe.

For more music from emplate, please click the links below:


Enjoy the sounds of emplate!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Track Listing:

01. GROUND - Garden Peak - Flexout Audio
02. Offish - Figure - SEM FREE (Dub)
03. M-Zine - Impricate - Dispatch Recordings
04. Solace - The Trieste - Free Download
05. Parasite - Perceptive feat. Markie J. (Typecell Remix) - Subplate Recordings
06. Subtle Element - Lust - Sixteen Step Records
07. Critical Event & Bronski - Kissing You (Ill Truth Remix) - Silhouette Audio
08. Ding - Vinegar Hill feat. Sam Harris - Dub
09. Shinbu - Ikuchi - Dub
10. DJ Hybrid - War Horn - Audio Addict Records
11. Epicentre - Max Factor - Nuusic
12. Myth - Mackerel - Lockdown Recordings
13. Audiomission - Evolve - Lifestyle Music
14. DROMA - Knock Knock - Kevlar Beats
15. Andy Pain - Rokot - Hustle Audio
16. DJ Hybrid - Vibez - Audio Addict Records
17. Surface - Sequence - Sixteen Step Records
18. Conrad Subs - Dem Dread - Dutty Bass Audio
19. Krispy - Hey Bear - Delta9 Recordings
20. RMS - Different Ways - Lickwood & Gunshot Records
21. Nami & Kapha - Transmitter - Lifestyle Music
22. Retrakt - Mix It Up - Terra Firma Records
23. Lower Basis - Hyperdyne - Seminal Sounds
24. Conrad Subs - Response - Weapons Of Choice Recordings
25. Ding & Sam Harris - Down There - Dub
26. Mozey - Back To Funk - Serial Killaz UK
27. Enei - Bag Of Raw Meat - Critical Music
28. Jolliffe - Virtue & Vice - RSTLSSNSS
29. Kiril - Amarcord - Guidance
30. Warhead - Dem A Try - Free Download
31. Revaux - Sludge - Flexout Audio
32. DROMA - Glide - TransFrequency Recordings
33. Visages - Uganda - Dispatch Recordings
34. Epicentre feat. Haribo - Deng - Nuusic
35. Solace - Until You - Subplate Recordings
36. Upgrade - Sekkle - Kartoons
37. ID - ID - Dub
38. Epicentre feat. Diligent Fingers - Jesus Farda - Nuusic
39. Magness - Witch Doctor - Hydrated Audio
40. Stompz - Razorblade - Serial Killaz UK
41. Enei - Grave - Critical Music
42. D Flect - Irkalla - Sixteen Step Records
43. Euphorics - Neon Sunset (Phase 2 Remix) - Silhouette Audio
44. ID - ID - Dub
45. Ding - Timer - Dub
46. Bassment - One Eye God - Free Download
47. L-Kind - Massiv - Boey Audio (Free)
48. Blacklab - Singe - Skankandbass
49. DJ Hybrid - Takeover - Audio Addict Records
50. Lupo & Objectiv - Nuff Chat - Free Download
51. RMS & Dublic - Chalice Dub - Lickwood & Gunshot Records
52. Initia - Underpass - Dub
53. Conrad Subs - Ultimate - Weapons Of Choice Recordings
54. Dutta - One Round feat. T>I - Souped Up Records
55. Motiv - Prompt Demise - Sub-liminal Recordings
56. Objectiv - Symptoms - Free Download
57. Skantia - Slim Don - Free Download
58. Doctor Jeep - Temple Run - Plush Recordings
59. Tweakz - Six Million - Syncopix Records
60. Taxman - Echo Vibes - Playaz Recordings
61. Leaf - Gangsta - Serial Killaz UK
62. Raket - Bangarang - Wicked Jungle Records
63. UZI - First Class - Sub Code Records
64. Veak & Jumanji - Different Ting - Deep In The Jungle Records
65. Supply And Demand - Prophecize - Dub
66. Effekttz - Undead Monkey - Backscatter Records
67. Dave Owen - Set It Off - NoisyDrums
68. Kovert Sound - Wu Tang - Sub-Woofah Records
69. Section feat. Junior Red - Step Off - Dread Recordings
70. Danny Wheeler - Tekkers - W10 Records
71. Lunatick - Flex - DNB Databáza (Free)
72. Tabee - Crawler - Free Download
73. I-Dren - Perspective - Auraya Recordings (Free)
74. Physics - The Real - Deconstructed Recordings
75. NF - Let You Down (Raptcha Bootleg) - Dub
76. Scartip - Grey Areas - Audio Addict Records
>>> Tease: Retrakt - Scum feat. Haribo - Terra Firma Records

Warhead-Exclusive Mix-Episode 337
November 01, 2018 05:14 AM PDT
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Good morning all and welcome to The Everyday Junglist Podcast episode 337!! Let's goooooo!

Thank you DJ Hybrid for your mix that we featured for episode 336!

Episode 337 features a mix from Warhead! I'm really feeling Warhead's tunes, 3 in particular that I think all of you should pick are: Thinkin Bout U, Watch It, and Long Gone!! Visit his soundcloud page too for loads of free tunes, you'll find the link for his soundcloud page below!

Warhead's mix starts off with some Chase and Status bizness and double drops into a piece of growling, bass line nastiness! His mix features filthy rollers with some of his own tunes in the mix! This mix is a head nodder!

Let's meet selektah, extraordinaire, Warhead:

DJ and Producer from Preston UK


Releases on Sub-Liminal Recordings, Sub-Woofah Records, Clawhammer Recordz and more forthcoming..

Holding residencies with Bass Klinic and Ashbeck Audio.

For more music, to send tunes to Warhead, and for booking info, please click the links below:



For bookings and to send tunes:


Enjoy the sounds of Warhead!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Dj Hybrid-Exclusive mix-Episode 336
October 14, 2018 05:44 PM PDT
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What's up everybody out there, welcome to episode 336 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Thank you DJ Problem Child for your mix that we featured for episode 335!

Episode 336 brings us the 3rd featured mix from Deep in the Jungle, Back to the Jungle, and Audio Addict boss man, Dj Hybrid!

Hybrid absolutely smashes this mix, which features tons of amen tunes and upfront, deep bass growlers, and two wicked remixes of the tracks R-Type and Limb by Limb, both personal faves of mine! Greasy, greasy selection on this one!!!

Let's meet Dj Hybrid, our selectah for episode 336:

DJ Hybrid started out DJ-ing in 2004 in the city of Coventry and quickly became well known for his diverse styles and his monthly podcasts, it wasn't until 2008 that he started to learn how to produce music and in 2010 he started up his first label called ‘Audio Addict Records’ where his debut release ‘Step Up’ was released on a exclusive vinyl run and was sold worldwide.

In 2012, after locking himself away in the studio for years he was signed to DJ Vapour’s mighty ’36 Hertz Recordings’ with his debut release ‘I Get Mash Up’. Then in 2013 DJ Hybrid moved down to the south coast where he started up new label ‘Deep in the Jungle Records’ and became a regular within the Brighton Jungle Drum & Bass Scene. Later that year he achieved his first number 1 chart position with his track ‘Badboy’ which gained massive support throughout the scene and was championed by many DJ's as a modern Jungle classic.

In 2015 he won two awards at the We Love Jungle Awards in London, one for ‘Best Breakthrough Producer’ and the other for ‘Best Breakthrough DJ’. After the success of the awards he decided the time was right to start working on his debut album and in November of 2015 his debut album ‘Mixed Origins’ was released and received support from across the entire Dance music scene and also made it to number 1 in the Juno albums chart.

In 2017 his label 'Deep in the Jungle Records' won the award for 'Best Jungle Label' at the We Love Jungle Awards which was a huge milestone in his career not just for himself as a producer but as a label owner too. Since then Deep in the Jungle Records has been recognized as one of the most prolific and forward thinking labels in the modern Jungle scene.

Over the last few years DJ Hybrid has become one of the leaders of the modern Jungle movement and is a firm favourite with Drum & Bass fans and Junglists alike, his unique style has made him stand out amongst the crowd and gain a loyal following worldwide. His many contributions to the Jungle Drum & Bass scene includes anthems such as 'Puffin Erbz' and 'Badboy' he has also remixed such Jungle classics as Good Body Girl, Luv Ta Luv Ya, Gallist by Top Cat and The Hitman by Marvellous Cain.

With support for his music from artists such as Ray Keith, Serial Killaz, Bladerunner, Visionary, Liondub, Aries, Remarc and Roni Size, DJ Hybrid is one of the promising future talents of the Jungle and Drum & Bass scene to look out for…

For more music from Dj Hybrid, click the links below:








Enjoy the sounds of Dj Hybrid! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Track list:

1. DJ Vapour - Wont Let You Feel (DJ Hybrid Remix)

2. Document One - We Got This

3. DJ Hybrid - Stay High feat. Haribo (VIP Mix)

4. Jam Thieves - Overdose

5. Soul Defiance - Man On A Mission feat. Chrissy B (DJ Hybrid Remix)

6. Jo - R-Type (Aries & King Yoof Remix)

7. RMS - My Generation

8. Sam Binga & Rider Shafique - Proud feat. Tiffanie Malvo (Enei Remix)

9. Stompz - Decked

10. K Jah - Dutty Like A Bumbo feat. Diligent Fingers

11. RMS - Liberation

12. Conrad Subs - Run The Track

13. DJ Hybrid & My Selecta - Beatbox

14. UZI & Veak - Hard Times

15. Danny Byrd - Roll The Drums

16. DJ Hybrid - I Get Mash Up (2018 Rollers Mix)

17. Alix Perez & Icicle - Live With It

18. Gravit-e - Side Bitch

19. Euphonique - True feat. Diligent Fingers

20. DJ Hybrid - Moving On (VIP Mix)

21. Black JA feat. Liondub & Jah Boogs - Touch Up The Key

22. Warhead - Thinking Bout U

23. DJ Hybrid - Finally

24. Bladerunner - First Contact

25. Fox, Sam Binga & Foreign Concept - Meditation

26. Cutty Ranks - Limb by Limb (DJ Hybrid Special Mix)

27. Bou - Whistle (VIP Mix)

28. DJ Hybrid - Puff Puff Pass