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Kubic Eye-Exclusive mix-Episode 310
August 20, 2017 09:49 AM PDT
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Hello all of you out there!! Welcome to episode 310 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Thank you Dj Inubito for the mix we featured for episode 309!

Episode 310 brings us a mix from Kubic Eye, the head honcho at Auraya Recordings! For those of you unfamiliar with Auraya Recordings, here are some tracks you should grab from this up and coming label, the first three are free downloads from the Auraya Recordings soundcloud page and the Kubic Eye tracks can be purchased via Juno and Bandcamp! Please pick up Basic Forces-Comedown, Javano-Shaded, and Altex-Wince. Purchase Kubic Eye-Daydreamer and Invention via Juno or Bandcamp!

Kubic Eye's mix is a selection of some great tunes, headnoddin rollers galore, everything from deep, dark tracks, amen tunes, ragga influenced bits, and heavy bass punishers! An added plus to this mix is a remix of the classic from Shy Fx, Bambaata and Represent from Brockie and Ed Solo, love this mix!!

Let's meet the man behind Auraya Recordings, Kubic Eye:

UK based, Drum and Bass Artist

I'm all about the rollers, with bubbling and funky grooves.
I go darker too with my rhythmical stylings, but always injected with my musical influences - Reggae, Jazz, Hip Hop, Swing, Soul, Jazz and Funk.

For more music from Kubic Eye and Auraya Recordings, please click the links below:








Enjoy the sounds of Kubic Eye!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!


Will Miles - The Heavies
Brockout - Assassins
Lloydie Crucial - Somethings Going On (Lion UK Remix)
Audiomission - Natty Dread
DJ Hybrid - What Else (VIP Mix)
Marlon Asher - Ganja Farmer (Falkwun Remix)
OPIUS - Street Sinner
ShyFX - Bambaata (Break Remix)
Release - Black Edge
Sureshock ft Missfudge - Raised With Lions
UZI - Benson Dub
OPIUS - High Level Gangsters
Margaman - Something Out There
Margaman - Babylon System
Margaman - Metamorphosizm
Margaman - The Hearse
LION UK - Slide
UZI - Madting Unsub, n0isemakeR - Selftitled
L sides ft Ragga Twins - Riddim Dancer
BTK - Not Going Back
Bladerunner - Lock Off VIP
DJ Brockie, Ed Solo - Represent
Schematic - Day Two

Dj Inubito-Exclusive mix-Stateside Series-Vol 1-Episode 309
July 30, 2017 04:43 AM PDT
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Good Sunday morning out there everyone!! Ready, set, and welcome to episode 309 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Thank you Jinx for your mix for episode 308!!

Episode 309 brings us a mix from DJ Inubito who represents the great state of Alabama! Dj Inubito's mix is the first featured mix for our new series, The Stateside Series. The Stateside Series will feature dj's/producers from the 50 states!

Dj Inubito's mix is not for the faint of heart, this mix is ROWDY!! The mix features heavy neuro and dance floor tunes, sure to keep those heads noddin!!

Let's get an introduction to our first dj for the Stateside Series, the man from Alabama, Dj Inubito:

Inubito has been dubbed the “swiss army knife” of DJs due to his ability mix with mutiple genres. This has been the focus on many of his performances, as well as regular appearances on radio shows such as Majik City Radio (www.majikcityradio.com) and the Harmony Network (www.harmonynet.net). Through experience, Inubito has learned to play to a crowd appropriately by digging for and curating tunes like a true DJ should. This has allowed Inubito to share the stage with major drum and bass artists such as Gridlok, Tribesteppaz, Q-bik, and Liminal. Having spun across the Southeast, at conventions like Anime Weekend Atlanta, Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, Seishun-Con, and more. In addition, Inubito manages one of north Alabama’s largest parties, Club-HAMA of Hama-Con. His latest EP, “Retrofit” is available for free download through Industrial Parasite Records.

For more music from Dj Inubito, please click the links below:





Enjoy the sounds of Dj Inubito!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Track listing:

1. Bakteria - ID [Unreleased]
2. Nfunk - Genesis [Abducted LTD]
3. Matrix & Futurebound - The Wall
[Viper Recordings]
4. Optiv, CZA - Strangerlands
5. L33 feat. Hijak MC - The Crypt [C4C Recordings]
6. Noize Komplaint - Succubus [Patrol the Skies Music]
7. Krafty Kuts & Dynamite MC feat. Harry Shotta, Example - The War Is
8. Over (Erb'N'Dub) [Central Station Records]
9. A.M.C. & Turno - Unstoppable [Titan Records]
10. Jauz x Netsky - Higher (The Prototypes Remix) [Ultra]
11. SIGNALFISTA - Machines Are Now In Control (Temulent Remix) [Nervosa]
12. L Plus - Snitch [Technique Recordings]
13. HammerZz - My Rifle [Flex, Unreleased]
14. Teddy Killerz - Era [Program]
15. Blood Diamonds feat. Dominic Lorf - Barcode (Figure Remix) [OWSLA]
16. Bluescreens - Clockaround [Viper Recordings]
17. Emalkay feat. Rod Azlan - Flesh & Bone (Delta Heavy Remix) [Dub Police Records]
18. Pythius & Black Sun Empire - Heresy [Blackout Music NL]
19. Cyantific - Ice Cream [CYN Music]
20. DC Breaks - Bambino [RAM Records]
21. Current Value & Phace - Thump [Critical Music]
22. Six Blade - Lightbox [Viper Recordings]
23. Intraspekt - Dank [Viper Recordings]

Jinx-Exclusive mix-Episode 308
July 10, 2017 04:47 PM PDT
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Once again we're back at it, The Everyday Junglist Podcast Episode 308 is here, come get some!!

Thank you goes out to Satin for his mix for Episode 307!

Episode 308 comes to Emplate and me from Jinx, an artist who is a personal favorite of mine, so I am pretty hyped to feature this mix for all of you!!

Being as I am a big fan of Jinx's, please pick up the following tracks from Jinx, which come highly recommended from me: A Dub War, Counter Attack, Shark Attack, All A Game, Dabs, This Goes Out, End of Line, Still a Soldier, Inside the Dance, and Last Chance! Trust me when I tell you, I could have recommended 30 more tunes, but this should give all of you a great base of Jinx's music to infuse your sets with!

The mix Jinx sent over to us to feature is really, really, really HYPE!! There are a lot of high energy, wicked, jump up tunes and rollers, and an added gift in the form of a remix of one my favorite tracks, Pulp Fiction by Alex Reece!

Let's meet the man behind the music, Jinx:
For Jinx, music is in the blood. Growing up with two other DJ’s in the family; a father with a passion for soul, motownand reggae and an elder brother with a love for breakbeat and hip hop, it was inevitable that he’d follow a similar path and it makes sense that these influences combined paved the way for his own adoption of jungle and drum and bass. A steady diet of hip-hop and rock kept him going until around the age of 12, when, while digging through the bargain bin at Music Junction he stumbled onto his first taste of the rave scene, an Eclipse tape pack. By 98’ he was deep in the culture, playing regularly as part of Stourbridge’s Lifted parties alongside Aries and Co-Lab Recordings’ Benny D, with the crew even getting themselves a little tent at Glastonbury in 99’ and from then on, Jinx’s path was set. He started producing music shortly afterwards, tired of playing other people’s tracks and eager to craft his own sound and by 2012 had his first solo release ‘Somebody Come Get Me’ on Canadian label In Da Jungle Recordings. From there he continued to carve a path in the jungle and drum & bass scenes, seeing success both as part of Lionfire alongside Gold Dubs and Aries and alone with releases on Dread, Co-Lab Recordings, Asbo, HocusPocus and Born on Road just to name a few.This musical journey also saw Jinx cross paths with Ruffneck Ting’s DJ Dazee. After meeting at Shambala Festival the two started working on music together and when Dazee revived the legendary Bristol label, Jinx was one of the first to come aboard. Now a key part of the roster, Ruffneck gives him a steady platform to showcase his sound from with most recent contributions to the label including the Stand Up Album, Run The Track XLEP and contributions to over half the tracks on the massive Xtraordinary League of Junglists LP.Now a veteran artist in his own right, Jinx has got a tonne of experience under his belt. He’s taken his high energy, quick fire mixing style global, playing rolling tearout mixes as far across the pond as Australia as well as run a tent at The Big Chill and tackled numerous events all along the length and breadth of the UK including Shambala Festival and Boomtown. Despite his humble attitude and insistence that he’s still very much on a path of learning with his production, his own creations, which he likes to describe as “feel good party music for the dancefloor” have seen universal acclaim for their blending of unique sampling, unmistakable energy and incorporation of a variety of influences, from soul to hip-hop, through funk and reggae. These factors have led to a nomination at the 2017 We Love Jungle Awards for Best Breakthrough Producer and recognition from some of the scenes heaviest hitters; Grooverider, Randall, Kenny Ken, Ray Keith, Saxxon, Dazee, Liondub and Bladerunner.The future looks bright for Jinx, he’s now focusing on music full time and as well as having regular bookings lined up, he has plenty of fresh projects in the pipeline; the debut release for the return of Pure Vibez, vocal tracks with Midlands up-and-comers MC Busta, Trafic and Ydott, collaborations with Deanie Rankin, a return to Hazardous Music under his Jonny Bionic alias, more EPs for Ruffneck Ting and forthcoming tracks for Hocus Pocus are just a little taste of what’s to come.

For more music from Jinx, please click the links below:





Enjoy the sounds of Jinx!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Track Listing:

jinx - let me break it down
jinx - dont stop
jinx - bop
rawtee - plata o plomo
dutta & raz - spectacular
flat t & verdikt - oh yeah
jinx - ambush
jaxx - take a walk
habitat - soul break
limited - teach you a lesson
jinx - ready to rumble
jinx - code of the streets
verdikt - the show
jinx - next level
jinx- munchies
coda - conman vip
jinx - frequency
the force - mash it up
serum - moon unit
savannah - step back jinx remix
kanine - secrets vip
bou - clash
jinx - n,o,y,b
kenji - i would
limited - kill the snake
satin - jungle den coda remix
jinx - talk box
jinx - bad in the area
limited - the purpose
jinx - undercover
alex reece pulp fiction jinx remix
verdikt - the 5th
hoogs - dry wall
limited - famous on earth
verdikt & phantomjama - grunted
bassface sascha & feindsoul - patch work
dawn raid & jinx - strife bou remix
bass face sascha & dj phlex - dorn
jinx - back in the jungle