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Ohm Girl and Mat B-Exclusive mix-Episode 305
May 15, 2017 01:59 PM PDT
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Hello all and welcome to episode 305 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Thank you Sweetpea and J:S for the mix for episode 304!

Episode 305 is another first for The Everyday Junglist Podcast. We have never featured a mix from a husband/wife duo, yes, another first for our podcast, pretty remarkable after 305 episodes!!

Ohm Girl and Mat B's mix starts off with a ragga tune, then eases into some rollers, switches into an amen tune, a neuro track and flirts back and forth between heavy bass rollers filthy jump up business, and amens, with barely a moments rest!! This mix gets pretty rowdy, definitely one for the headz!!

Ohm Girl and Mat B call British Columbia, Canada home. Ohm Girl is a member of the mighty DNB Girls coalition,I included a link to the DNB Girls page in the links below! These two also throw events under the name, Sleazy Listening, which you can check out in the links below!

For more music from Ohm Girl and Mat B, please click on the links below:

Ohm Girl:




Mat B:



Sleazy Listening:


Enjoy the sounds of Ohm Girl and Mat B!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!


DJ Cautious - Tickle
Margaman - Dumoling Business (feat TFlex)
Brian Brainstorm - Downtown Dub
Jaxx - Don’t Push It
Ruxim - Mistakes
Decimal Bass - Killa
Dutta - Manchestvia (feat Dispoze)
Satin - The Streets (Liondub remix)
Flat T - Warlords
Hizzleguy - Mutant
Jaxx - Jungle Asylum
Khemikal - Rubba Dub Plate
RMS & Dcision - One Ting
Rob Blaze - Now We Start
Jinx and Dawn Raid - Strife
Need For Mirrors - Youth
K Jah and Vytol - Sleight Of Hand
Rob Blaze - Changes
Sativa Dub & Silent Type - Slow Dance 2014 REFIX V2
Sappo - Bristol Beat (Nu Elementz Remix)
Nu Elementz - Easy Peasy
Klinical - Loose Ends
Decimal Bass - Slackers
DJ Limited - Hit The Streets
T>I - Emotions
Raz - Great Stuff
Bladerunner - The Test
DJ Limited - Dubplate
Damage Report - Blurhed Vision
Zere - Gateway
Counter Culture - Ident
Sound Shifter - Nothing Changes
Sweet N Sikka - Close My Eyes

Sweetpea-Exclusive mix (Featuring J:S)-Episode 304
May 02, 2017 02:18 PM PDT
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Hello junglists and welcome to episode 304 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Thank you RMS for your mix for episode 303!

I'm very excited for this one, Sweetpea's mix, featuring J:S for episode 304 is a historical first for The Everyday Junglist Podcast! This marks the first time that Emplate and I have featured a female dj/female mc duo, that's right, in all the 304 episodes!! This is one hell of a mix that showcases the talents of these two ladies!

Sweetpea comes out swinging on this mix, showcasing classic after classic, switching between new and old! This mix is eclectic, showing all of dnb's flavors, with a touch of jungle!! There are amen tunes, heavy bass steppers, rollers, ravey, dancefloor bits, and new jungle tracks! J:S compliments the mix perfectly throughout, with her smooth vocal flow, riding easy over the mix!!

Let's meet the selectah and MC for this mix:


Since 2011, Sweetpea has held her own as the 'Princess of Rude FM' on the 20 year veteran station. Her passion for fresh underground music and love of rolling basslines is heard in all her mixes. Live, Sweetpea feeds off the crowd's energy and loves to drop into dark, minimal sections.

She has stayed true to the music she loves in any crowd she's played to. She's played alongside some of the biggest names in the game at well-loved venues including Electric Brixton, Hidden, Egg, Plan B, Brixton Jamm, Phonox, Lightbox and Fire.

2016 saw Sweetpea gain a residency with the Freenetik Crew in Romania and a release on This girl is a true ambassador for the ladies, the scene and the music she holds dear.


Always a writer and a fan of rhymes, J:S began her singing career featuring on hip hop beats. After studying jazz, her style developed and the confidence to scat and freestyle developed into the singsong verses you hear today. Although always a dnb head, J:S didn't fully move into drums until 2014, when a collab with Al Menos (Innersoul) earned her a spot on the mic at one of the labels infamous events.Since then, J:S has performed at a number of house hold nights and shared a stage with the likes of LSB and Phil Tangent. Her ease in switching between spitting and singing has become a trademark and one that keeps driving her growing reputation.

In July 2016 J:S had her first release with 'Spinning Around which featured on 'The Heartless EP by Mr Joseph (Fizzy). J:S continues to write and record alongside her Performance career, with aims to release more tracks in the future.

J:S has now gained residency with Innersoul and Warm Ears. She has also tied down a monthly show with Sweetpea on RudeFM.

For more music from this duo, please click out the links below and check out their show on Rude FM, Ladies that Bass on the last Friday of every month from 6-8, UK time!

DJ Sweetpea
Natasha Harber

Twitter - @SweetpeaDnb


Rude FM

Enjoy the sounds of Sweetpea and J:S!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!


1. Taktix - It's The Way (Serum Remix)

2. D Kay Lee - Tuning VIP

3. Total Science, Spy - Gangsta VIP

4. Dj Fresh - Gatekeeper

5. Digital, Drumsound, Bassline Smith - Bail Out

6. Dom and Roland - Unofficial Jah

7. Bad Company - The Pulse

8. Digital, Spirit - Phantom Force

9. Mark System - Love Dub

10. Badmarsh and Shri - Signs (Calibre Remix)

11. Capone - Massive

12. DJ Hybrid - Mix and Blend VIP

13. Bladerunner - Back To The Jungle

14. Commix - Satellite Type 2

15. Command Strange, Intelligent Manners - The Real Deal

16. Total Science - Feel Me

17. Anile - Exclusion Zone

18. Digital, Outrage - Final Demand (Spy Remix)

19. Foreign Concept - When You're Alone (LSB Remix)

20. Steve SP - Worst Comes To Worst

21. DJ Hybrid - Killing Dem VIP

22. Invadhertz - Burn

23. Fearful, Amoss, Arkaik - Collective Conscience

24. Calibre - Fire and Water

25. Homemade Weapons - Conduit VIP

RMS-Exclusive mix-Episode 303
April 10, 2017 01:38 PM PDT
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Yo, we are back!! Welcome to the 303rd episode of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Thank you Akinsa for the mix we featured of your's for episode 302!!

Episode 303 brings Emplate and I a mix from a talented Canadian dj and producer, RMS! Before we get to the mix, I want to highlight three of RMS's tunes for you to pick up if you have not, Amen By Nature, Gullyman Sound, and Ghetto Messiah, again, get these and add them to your repertoire, also, keep your eyes peeled for forthcoming tracks from RMS on Audio Addict and Hocus Pocus Recordings!!

RMS's mix has a bit of everything, minimal, deep bass tunes, neuro tracks, rollers, rollers, and more rollers, and old school sounding tracks with classic breaks!! RMS described this mix as a story of everything he is digging at the moment, which fits this mix perfectly!!

Now that Iv'e given you an intro on the mix, let's meet the man behind the music, RMS:

Paul Currie aka RMS, Has been in the scene since 98, It was back at his first liquid adrenaline 5 party in Toronto is where he fell into love with the music. After years of perfecting his craft, his hardwork and determination started to pay off. With Releases on Formation Recordings, 36hz, Hocus Pocus UK, Back in the jungle , Deep in the jungle Recordings, Audio Addict, Inner city dance, Liquid Drops, Intaface audio, Rockers 175, , Dubsoul Recordings, Holotype Audio. If you have ever seen him behind the decks you know his passion for the music is evident with the kind of energy he brings to the table, with his precise mixing skills and ability to read the dancefloor and the bottomless bag full of exclusive dubs and promos, you never know what he's got in store.

2017 is proving to be a big year already with numerous heavyweight releases lined up . Expect lot's more this year with forthcoming music on Flex Recordings, LionDub Street Series EP, Hocus Pocus Uk, Marcus Visionaries "Inner city dance", Grindhouse Audio, Audio addict EP, and Deep in the jungle. Also Keep an eye out for a new label called "Dubsoul Recordings" started by RMS .

Currently receiving Uk support from Ray Keith, Doc Scott, Aries, Jungle Citizens, Dj Hybrid, Nicky B, Bassface Sascha, Dawn Raid, Kenny Ken, DJ Storm, Pressure X, Vinyl Junkie, J Bostron, David Boomah, Dj Choppah, Dj Trace, Brian Brainstorm, Marcus Visionary, Digital, L Double and many more.

For more music from RMS, please click the links below:







Enjoy the sounds of RMS!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Track listing:

Skeptical & Alix Perez-Killa
Skeptical & Alix Perez-Solitude
Skeptical & Alix Perez-Without A Trace
Total Science & Break-Big Time Winners
Total Science & DLR-Too Close For Comfort
Ulterior Motive-Jungle Jam
Ulterior Motive-Keep It Moving (Break Remix)
Xtrah-The Embarkment
Flat T - Ice Funk
K Jah-All Rhodes Lead Here
K Jah Heavy Hitter
Too Greezey - Run Di Riddim - AUDIO ADDICT RECORDS
Taxman-Wonky Riddim
Villem & Phase-In Search Of
Flat T - Skyfall
K Jah Get Out Of My Life
Tyr Kohout feat. Stranjah - Black Panther (DJ Hybrid Remix) - AUDIO ADDICT RECORDS
Flat T - That Sound
Swerve - Massive & Crew - AUDIO ADDICT RECORDS
Lost Dynamics - New Funk - AUDIO ADDICT RECORDS
Mystery & Kosine - X Amount of Spliff (DJ Hybrid Remix) - AUDIO ADDICT RECORDS
Unknown Artist - Finally (Kumarachi Remix) - AUDIO ADDICT RECORDS
DJ Hybrid - Badboy (Ray Keith Remix) - AUDIO ADDICT RECORDS
Crisis & Ikon-B - Armed & Dangerous (Section Remix) AUDIO ADDICT RECORDS
Agro & Devilman - Blazin The Fire (DJ Hybrid Remix VIP) AUDIO ADDICT RECORDS
Sound Shifter - Ancient Technology - AUDIO ADDICT RECORDS
ScattyOne - Give it to Me - AUDIO ADDICT RECORDS
Alibi-Trunk (feat. MC Coppa).mp3
Bassface Sascha & Feindsoul-Worldwide
Benny L-Bullfighter (Serum Remix)
Cloak-Shape The Future
Dawn Raid-Gold Dubs-Jinx-Old Fashioned (Original Mix)
Digital-Calling (Benny Page VIP)
Digital-Daylight Robbery (J-Kenzo VIP)
Taelimb -Fixate
Taelimb -Rebirth
Mako & Andy Skopes-The Mercenary
Mako-Looking Back
Mr Joseph-Playing Love Games
M-zine & Scepticz-Prescient
Need For Mirrors-Vantage
Owneath-Strange Bars
RMS&SKRU - Spiritual Vampires
Skru & RMS - Zulu King Ting (UPDATED MIXDOWN)
Dj Sly & Pacso-Honey Monster
Dj Westy-Believe In
Dj Westy-Borrow Dubplate
Dj Westy-Lost Pain
Dj Westy-Making Moves
Dj Westy-Serphant
Document One-I Tried.mp3
Document One-It's Alright.mp3
Dope Skillz-The Fold
Dr Meaker feat. Yolanda-Wanna Feel Love (Klax Remix)
Dub Head-Bad Signal
Dub Head-I Need It
Dub Head-Pulsar
X-E-Dos-Musical Rush
Aries & Nicky Blackmarket-This Way
Brian Brainstorm-Nuh Matta
Durban-Refuse To Fight
Madcap & Vinyl Junkie-Mind Body & Soul
Jayline & Meta4-Unzip It
Jayline-Amazon Rhumba
Killbox - Hype Cycle
Klip & Outlaw-Clash
Kyrist-No Remorse
RMS-Dub Wars-Deep in the Jungle
Lavery-94 War
Lavery-Badman Nuh Test
Lavery-King of The Beats
Lavery-Roll Out
Ward 21 - Doberman Riddim (Skru VIP)

Akinsa-Exclusive mix-Episode 302
March 20, 2017 04:56 PM PDT
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Hello all of you out there and welcome to episode 302 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Thank you Mezenjah for your mix for episode 301!!

For episode 302, Emplate and I received a mix from a new, big talent in the scene, Akinsa!!


Deeper Jungle

Before I get to Akinsa's mix, I want to highlight a couple of Akinsa's tracks that I really like, and that all of you should pick up! I'm really feeling Akinsa's tracks, the 7th Seal and his dub version of Last Words!! Akinsa's mix Emplate and I are featuring for this episode is FIRE!!!

The mix starts off deep, with background layers of atmospheric tones, it flows into more deep tracks that have darker, smoothed out and an old school feel!
The mix features big DNB tunes from the last few years, rollers, tracks with old school breaks, and tracks from himself and some wicked re-dubs of tracks from big artists in the game!!

The track listing will not be posted just yet, keep your eyes peeled in a few weeks for it, so you can check out the wicked re-dubs Akinsa did!!

For more music from Akinsa,and to book him, please click on the links below:

Bandcamp https://akinsa.bandcamp.com/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/akinsa.netmusic

Booking Enquiries : Akinsa@hotmail.co.uk

Enjoy the sounds of Akinsa!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Track listing:

Sam KDC - Ascetic
Sam KDC + The Untouchables - Alliance
Loxy + Ink - Amazon
Akinsa - Let it Roll
Xtrah - Babylon Shall Fall (Akinsa Redub)
Dom + Roland - Unofficial Jah
Loxy + Perpetuum - The League
Homemade Weapons - Traitors
Loxy &+ Skeptical - Engage
dBridge - Dead Peak (Akinsa Redub)
Alix Perez ft Skeptical - Elephant Dreams (Akinsa Redub)
Kodama - Polar Circle (Akinsa Redub)
Loxy + Resound - Seraphim
Jahrkon - Easy Skankin
Dub Phizix + Skeptical feat Strategy - Marka

Mezenjah-Exclusive mix-Episode 301
February 23, 2017 03:00 PM PST
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Hello again and welcome to the newest, latest, and greatest, episode 301 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Thank you Dj Zysurprisedn, aka Brian Belle-Fortune for your mix for episode 300!!

For this episode we find ourselves back in the states with a man from the East Coast, who calls himself Mezenjah!!

The mix Mezenjah sent Emplate and me is dope!! The mix begins with a deep roller, then switches up into a heavy bass stepper, moves into some jump up vibes, a driving track with an ethereal sample, spins off into new jungle with old school breaks, busts into jungle and a classic from the head man at Metalheadz, and rounds out nicely with some amen tunes!! Lots of twists and turns to this mix, its complimented by great track selection!!

Now that Iv'e told you about the mix, let's meet the selectah:

For over two decades, Kalomo Jordan has been considered a catalyst in connecting like-minded individuals, and expanding mind states through his visual and audio art.

He began his music collection in 1993 upon acquiring his first pair of turntables. The rest is history. Meszenjah was born. A pioneer on the forefront of the electronic music scene in the Northeast, he is the co-founder of Awake Productions, doing event production and playing shows all over the East Coast with artists such as Soulslinger, Liquidsky, Zulu Nation, TC Izlam, Dara and Odi, as well as Koxbox, Mubali and Ajja. His styles have evolved and expanded into DJing and producing bass driven psychedelic trance, down tempo and chill out, especially upon his affiliation with the respected production teams Fractaltribe, MA and Radial Engine Tribe, NY. He is also associated with Threshold Sound, New England Junglists, and Liquidsky.

Please click on the links below for more music from Mezenjah:


Enjoy the sounds of Mezenjah!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Track Listing:

1.collecting dust-ED:it
2.snap back-SERUM
4.radio raheem-SAXXON
5.drop it-GOLD DUBS
6.tell her- CHROMATIC
7.still a soilder-JINX,DAWN RAID,K JAH
8.kurb crawler-UN KNOWN ARTIST
9.money fame respect-UN KNOWN ARTIST
10.hot steppa-BLADE RUNNER
11.ruffest gun-TOPCAT
12.pon di street-BRIAN BRAINSTROM
13.puffin erbz-DJ HYBRID
15. music-GOLDIE

DJ Zy:on- Bladerunner Subterranean-Exclusive mix-Episode 300
January 30, 2017 01:54 PM PST
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We are back and welcome to episode 300 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!! We made it!! Thank you for everyone who has faithfully listened for all 300 episodes and welcome to the new listeners!

Thank you Mittz for your mix for episode 299!

Emplate and I have something special for you for this episode, we received an exclusive, vinyl only mix for episode 300 from Dj Zysurprisedn, aka Brian Belle-Fortune, the writer of All Crews! Without getting too religious, All Crews is the jungle/dnb bible, All Crews is a beautifully written history of jungle/dnb, the first time I read it, I finished it in a week, yes, its that good!! Pick up your own copy of All Crews and educate yourself on jungle/dnb! I will provide you with a link of where to purchase All Crews later in this description!

Zysurprisedn's exclusive mix, titled, Bladerunner Subterranean, is a vinyl only mix, which starts off with some jungle classics and switches up into some dark and heavy business, the mix traverses a couple of ragga tunes, remixes of classics, and adds some funky vocal infused tunes!! There is not track listing for this mix, but I had an easy time trainspotting a lot of these tracks, because I have a lot of the records played in this mix!!

As is customary let's meet the man behind episode # 300, Dj Zysurprisedn:

Brian Belle-Fortune /DJ Zysurprisedn

Discovered funk soul and Hip Hop in the early 80s as a street skater.
First big rave, the class of '88 Sunrise
Living in Tottenham, North London - First heard jungle in '94 from pirate station Kool FM.
'95 Approached BBC Radio One with the idea for One In The Jungle, the UK's first nationwide jungle show.
'98 Began writing All Crew Muss Big Up - Journeys Through Jungle Drum & Bass Culture when working at MTV Europe, because the bosses there clearly didn't have a clue about jungle drum and bass
'99 Versions 1 and 2 of ALL Crew... released.
'99 Started DJing on Pirate station Rude FM as DJ Zysurprisedn.
'99 Returned to the day job as an intensive care nurse.
2004 Updated final version of All Crews Journeys Through Jungle Drum & Bass Culture, published by Vision's Knowledge magazine (KMAG.)
Although diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in '99, Brian continues to DJ and has played in Sweden, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Italy and most notably at Sardinia's Sun and Bass Festival.
Brian is nearing completion of his second book Hospital Stories detailing 20 years of ICU Nursing.
Most Influential DJs: Bailey, Kemistry & Storm
Best Ever Club: Metalheadz at the Blue Note
All Crews is available from www.allcrew.co.uk where you'll also find Brian's blog
[Get All Crews from the All Crews site Not Amazon, as they charge silly money or claim it's sold out. It's Not!]

For more music from Dj Zysurprisedn and info on where to purchase All Crews, please click on the links below:



You can also purchase All Crews on Kindle too!

Enjoy the sounds of Dj Zysurprisedn!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Mittz-Exclusive mix-Episode 299
January 15, 2017 06:13 AM PST
itunes pic

Good morning to all of you wonderful people out there, I was up early this morning listening to our newest featured mix, hold on tight, here we GOOOO!

Thank you Calculon for the mix we featured of your's for episode 298!!

Emplate and I received a mix from Mittz, who represents Calgary, for episode 299!!

Mittz's mix features tracks that have that new jungle sound with old school samples and breaks, an old school jump up classic, listen closely to see if you can ID that one! Mittz's mix closes out with some heavyweight bass smashers and a filthy remix of Junglist Soldier, this mix is runnin!!!

I want to thank all of the Calgary DNB crew, thanks goes out to DNB Girls, 403 DNB, and the Come Correct Crew, I appreciate you letting us feature past and this present mix from members of your crews!!

Enough of me talking, let's meet our lady selectah for this mix, Mittz:

Mittz (Calgary, Ab)
403DnB / DnB Girls

MITTZ loved electronic music from the very start. In 2009 she started her DJ career in Edmonton, AB,
she Caught on quickly and learnt the technical aspects of mixing with ease. Over the past 7 years,
Mittz has gone from playing weekly night's for local promoters to playing music festivals deep in the
Canadian Rockies. After touring western Canada with a group of 5 female DJ's, producers and
vocalists for the Bass Belles tour in 2012, she joined the talented DnB Girls roster.
In 2015, Mittz was named a representative for the 403dnb crew in Calgary. With the growing drum and
bass scene in Western Canada in full force, she shows no signs of slowing down.
With festival season right around the corner you'll be sure to catch her out behind the decks mixing
up a platter of all things Bass. With a special love for DnB and Breaks her style alongside the
smoothest transitions will have you dancing on your toes in anticipation for what comes next.

For more music from Mittz, please click on the links below:

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Mittzbiz/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mittz-1

Enjoy the sounds of Mittz!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Track listing:
1. Red Now - Josephs Perception
2. What Else - DJ Hybrid
3. Rough Love - DJ Cautious
4. Halo - Flat T
5. Girlstown remix (Ft. Super Cat & Tweet) - Lost City
6. No Games - Serani, Subtifudge Rmx (Kenny Ken VIP)
7. Vice City Jungle - Damageman& DnQ
8. The Hitman (DJ Hybrid rmx) - Marvellous Cain feat. Cutty Ranks
9. You Know (original mix) - Audiomission & Serial Killaz
10. OG Kush - Ward 21 (Benny Page rmx)
11. I Got Five On It - Aphrodite
12. Space Chase - Hungry T
13. Dancehall Ruler feat. Blackout - Aries
14. Sign On Side - B Town Bounce (original mix) - K Jah
15. Tryst (Original mix) - Third Law
16. L Bass - Flat T
17. Break it Down - Serum & Voltage
18. Fat Booty = DJ Cautious
19. Junglist Soldier (Serial Killaz Rmx) - Benny V & Amp, Dfrnt Lvls feat. Stevie Hyper D