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DEXTROUS-Exclusive mix-Episode 320
February 14, 2018 03:22 PM PST
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Happy Valentine's Day to all of you out there! Welcome to episode 320 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Thank you STUNNA for your mix that we featured for episode 319!

We wanted to show you some love today, so we bring you a mix from an absolute legend in the game, DEXTROUS!

DEXTROUS put together a mix with some of his favorite jungle tunes, some of his unreleased tunes, and some nasty amens bizzness and the back end! This is a MASSIVE mix with the master at the controls!!

Let's meet our badmon, seeelektah for this episode, DEXTROUS!!

BAFTA & Ivor Novello Award Winner (2002), musical genius, pioneer, producer, media composer and DJ, started his career over two decades ago in the late 80’s. He cut his teeth making Jungle Hardcore as it was then known. Released his first record in 1992, ‘Ruffneck Bizznizz’ on Shut Up and Dance Records' sister label Ruff Quality Recordings. Started his own label King of the Jungle Records in 1993 alongside Rude Boy Keith, where they enjoyed much success, and globally in demand, flying around the globe as a DJ and PA’ing. Dextrous has performed in countries such as: Austria, USA, Canada, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Holland, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Switzerland and Sardinia.

As King of the Jungle was already establishing a particular sound Dextrous decided to start another label to concentrate on his solo projects. This was the birth of Subliminal Records (which became Subversive Recordings due to an imprint called Subliminal already being in existence).

By late 1994 whilst presenting on London’s pirate station Kool FM, Dextrous hooked up with Paul Brown and Jon Stewart (Phase 3 and Klass A). They all shared the same artistic ideas and wanted to introduce a more musical approach, something that was often overlooked in Drum & Bass production back then. Dextrous established State of the Art Recordings, as a vehicle to release music that wasn't confined to the ubiquitous styles that club DJs were playing at that time, to allow more freedom of expression and with that, reached a brand-new audience. Dextrous, Paul and Jon recorded together under the name Solid State and christened their sound Urban Fusion, which encompassed many elements such as, Funk, Jazz, Techno, Dub in addition to Drum & Bass. Solid State became known as the one of the pioneers of Liquid Drum & Bass and helped pave the way for more musical producers such as Calibre and High Contrast, amongst others.

Well as they say, “all good things come to an end!”, by the summer of 2000 they parted company. Their last project together was the album entitled ‘Point of No Return’ (pretty fitting!) on the Renegade Recordings label, which included their most popular track to date: ‘Just a Vision’ featuring Zoe H.

Since then, Dextrous has and still remains heavily involved in composing music and productions for library companies which feature on adverts and TV programmes such as Footballer's Wives, The Stepfather, Driven, Trisha, Doctors, London Today, Sky Travel, to name but a few. He was also commissioned, with the other members of Solid State, to compose the theme tune to ITV's ‘The LADS’, a men's magazine programme aired on Friday nights in the late 90’s.

In addition to his production of Drum & Bass, Dextrous slows down the BPMs from time to time and experiments in other areas. As 'Transcendent Minds' (a project started on Dynamite Joint Recordings and continued on Karma Giraffe) Dextrous has been able to progress with the Urban Fusion sound (also known today as Broken Beats, Electric Soul, Future Jazz) where Solid State left off. Once again highlighting the musical versatility of Dextrous, he is always seeking new sounds to fuse together in order to form hybrid genres, which is evident in his DJ sets, as he loves to mix things up!

With his wealth of experience Dextrous was a great choice for scoring the BAFTA winning ‘Feltham Sings’ documentary shown on Channel 4 in 2002. Having a diverse musical background and a passion for working with and being a positive role model for inner city youth, undertaking this project made perfect sense. It was a huge challenge as Dextrous was brought on to the project and given only 3 months to complete the whole project. But all was not lost, so successful was his input, that he won a coveted Ivor Novello Award (2003) in the category 'Best original music for TV', in addition to the entire team behind ‘Feltham Sings’ winning a BAFTA for Best Documentary (2003). The documentary also received a nomination for The Greison Documentary Award, and Dextrous was nominated for a Royal Television Society Award for his musical efforts.

More recently, with a passion of giving back to the younger generation, Dextrous was involved in youth work. Together with 'Stage One' he devised a successful 'Youth Music Workshop Program'. He has helped develop the talents of young people in under privileged areas, who have been socially excluded, those with criminal backgrounds. These programs include basic music technology tuition together with vocal training, song writing, choreography, graphic design, make-up and tutorials on the legal side of the music industry.

Over recent years Dextrous has been mastering another lifelong passion, to add more strings to his creative bow, and is now also a professional photographer. Dextrous is back in the studio where he started, working on new productions in addition to returning to the turntables as a DJ.

Exciting times for Dextrous and everyone that his music and creativity touches.

In addition to being a great producer/dj, Dex is a great photographer, check out his photos by clicking the link below:


Enjoy the sounds of DEXTROUS!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Track listing:

1 Nice 'N' Slow-DJ Dextrous
2 Canaan Land-DJ Ron
3 Say It Version-System Ex
4 Feel-Tit-4-Tat
5 Selectors Roll (Tom & Jerry remix)-Rus-De-Tox & Teebone
6 Lovable-Dextrous
7 Time to Move - Ben Kei VIP (unreleased)-Dextrous and HPee
8 Nasty-DJ Die
9 Moonlight (unreleased)-Dextrous
10 Stay-Demented Soul
11 Better Way (unreleased)-Dextrous and George Kelly
12 Untitled (unreleased)-Solid State
13 Burning 2000-Lemon D
14 The First-Double O
15 Reach Out-Headgear
16 Charge VIP 2017-Dextrous
17 Lighter (DJ Monk mix)-DJ Monk Feat Top Cat
19 Warn Dem-Margaman & Coolhand Flex

Stunna-Exclusive mix-Episode 319
January 30, 2018 04:16 PM PST
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Welcome to episode 319 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Thank you Double O for your mix that we featured for episode 318!

Episode 319 sees us move into 2018, going from strength to strength. Episode 319 features a mix from Stunna, his second mix for our podcast!This is one helluva mix

Stunna's mix starts out with a combination of liquid goodness and rollers hinting that spring and summer are right around the corner! Stunna heats up the dance a bit with some amens and then cools things down by the last track, giving this mix really nice flow and feel!

Now it's time to meet the man, the dj for episode 319, Stunna:


A classically-trained keyboardist and working musician based in Chicago, STUNNA (aka J. Cappo) has crafted his own unique sound within the fast-paced world of Drum + Bass music. With a number of strong releases on various high-profile labels coupled with a solid Stateside and international touring schedule under his belt, this Grammy-nominated, URB Magazine 'Next 100' producer and host of BASSDRIVE Radio's popular weekly 'GREENROOM' show is determined to spread his own sound as well as exclusive tracks from talent around the world. As his prolific catalogue of solo productions, collaborations and remixes has gained global support from DOC SCOTT, LTJ BUKEM, FABIO, MARKY, LOXY, NOOKIE, BIG BUD, MARCUS INTALEX, CALIBRE and many more, it's going to be another busy year ahead…..

Label affiliations:

31 Records | Absys | Advection Music | All Street | Bassdrive Radio | Bassdrive Tunes | Barely Breaking Even | Basswerk | Beat 70 Music | Beyond Belief | BIOS | BS1 | Criminal Records | Criterion Records | Cut Music | Deconstructed | Defunked | DNBB | DNB Guild | Droidsong | Drum+Bass Arena | Faction Digital | Fokuz | Fokuz Ltd | Forestry Service | Formation | Free Love Digi | Funk Star | Future Retro | Golden Orb | Ground Mass | Have-A-Break | Hustle Audio | IM: Ltd | Influenza | Kill Inc | LDNB | Levitated | Liquid Drops | Liquid Flavours | Liquid Tones | LowRise Sounds | Lucky Devil | New Identity | Nightworks | Offworld | Omni Music | Outsider | Phunkfiction | Phuzion | Plush | Point Audio | Red Mist | Respect Records | Rotation Deep | Rubik | Santorin | Scientific | Shoot | Sidechain | Soul Bros | Soul Deep | Soundtrax | Stepping Forward | Telluric | Toolroom | Urban Chemistry | Vampire | Vibez | Westbay

Notable Mentions:

2011: 2nd place in Knowledge Magazine's remix competition for SEBA's 'PAINTED SKIES'
2007: URB MAGAZINE 'NEXT 100' artist
2005: Spot on Knowledge Magazine's 'Unsigned Original Tunes' compilation for 'PAIN'
2001: Knowledge Magazine overseas winner in the 'Decksterity Mix-Tape' competition

For more music from Stunna, please click on the links below:










Enjoy the sounds of Stunna! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Track Listing:


Double O-Exclusive Mix-Episode 318
January 19, 2018 02:59 PM PST
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And we are backkkkk! 2018 is shaping up nicely over here at Everyday Junglist, excited for this year to come, let's get to it! Welcome to episode 318 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Thank you emplate for your mix that we featured for episode 317!

Episode 318 comes to us from Double O, Co-Boss of Rupture London with the mighty DJ Mantra!!

Rupture London is one of my favorite labels and I highly encourage all of you pick up the tunes on this label to add to your respective repertoires! I am not just a fan of Double's O's label, I am a big fan of his music, with a few of my favorites from him being, Blackula, Brothers Darkness, and Cutlass Style!

Double O's mix starts out melodic and soulful, then switches up into some sharp and deadly amen bizness. The mix then sways back and forth between soulful chopped up break infused tunes, amens, and rollers, creating an eclectic masterpiece for your ears to feast upon!

Sorry trainspotting crew, I won't be supplying a track list for this one, there are some exclusive gems in the mix that cannot be revealed to all of you out there just yet.

Let's meet our badmon, rude bwoy, selectah, Double O:

Double O formally 007 was brought up on lots of different forms of music growing up as a child. Reggae, Soul, Funk, Rare Groove , Calypso.

Then later on Electro, hip Hop, Detroit Techno Hardcore and Jungle etc. He started making music in the late 80's inspired by his older Brother who had his own Reggae sound system.

This inspired him to want to take his music and Djing further, Double O started Djing professionally in the early 90's at the Doncaster warehouse and various clubs up North. Double O also met Dj SS where he made and put out one of his biggest and most well known productions called the Undercover Agent EP on Formation Records.

He eventually Set up Rupture with Dj Mantra.(A night dedicated to quality drum n bass music and oldskool) Due to the beauty of Music it has enabled him to travel around the globe playing to and meeting like minded musical people.

Double O primarily known as a Drum n Bass Dj makes and collects many different forms of music from Hip Hop to Techno old reggae and Rare Groove.
"I just like good music " Says Dubz (as his friends know him as).

Also now with the Highly talented Dj Mantra they have set up Rupture London (www.rupturelondon.com). A label dedicated to good quality electronic music.

For more music from Double O and Rupture, please click the links below:






Enjoy the sounds of Double O!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

emplate-Exclusive mix-The Everyday Junglist Podcast Episode 317
January 02, 2018 09:46 AM PST
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Happy New Year everyone, we missed all of you! We missed you so much that we wanted to give all of you a new mix, so welcome to The Everyday Junglist Podcast episode 317, let's go!!

Thank you Special ED for your mix that we featured for episode 316!

Episode 317 brings us a mix from emplate, co-boss of The Everyday Junglist Podcast! Mr. emplate is a cyborg, dnb mixing machine, putting out tons of mixes in 2017, along with hosting his own radio show on DNB radio, and co-hosting another podcast with DSurr, The Barbaric Empire Podcast. He starts out 2018 with a mix that starts out deep and heavy and patiently traverses through the newest of the new tunes, old school feel rollers, deep, heavy punishers, refined, deep tracks, and some remixes of classic tunes, rolled into a great track selection!

Let's meet our dj and the Co-Boss of The Everyday Junglist Podcast, emplate:

emplate - Cleveland, Ohio
The Everyday Junglist Podcast | dnbradio.com | Nervosa | 412BossCrew | Barbaric Empire Podcast

emplate first heard the sounds of Jungle/Drum & Bass in the summer of '96 and was instantly enchanted. A drummer, and heavily influenced by hip hop, metal, industrial, classical and jazz; emplate believes drum and bass embodies everything he had been listening to and loved before it.

In '99 he knew that listening was not enough. He needed more than mixtapes and parties to get his fix. Inspired by the DJs around him and his love for DnB, he dedicated himself to seeking knowledge, selection and skill. emplate soon became respected both technically and for his sets that interweave neurofunk and darker, minimal DNB tunes that are often peppered with liquid dancefloor tracks if the mood is right.

In 2006, emplate became a resident DJ at the former weekly and nationally recognized DnB event "in:verse". Always interested in moving the scene forward, emplate helped develop The Cleveland Drum n Bass Coalition and (216)BASS, both local platforms that Northeast Ohio DnB heads used as a vehicle to further their careers. In August of 2014, emplate joined up with Rockers Music. Excited about having a DnB label out of Cleveland, emplate spearheaded the local launch of the Rockers 175 label with the “Step Inside” & "Kismet" monthly events held at the Beachland Ballroom, bringing in names such as: Lenzman, Doc Scott, Total Science, Zero T, The Prototypes, Crissy Criss, DJ SS, Aphrodite, Dara, AK1200, Dieselboy & more. After stepping away from the label & the turbulent life of event promotions, he focused on being the best DJ he could be...taking his mixing to new levels & determined to prove that he's underrated, not only in his hometown & state, but the U.S. as a whole. He was soon approached about hosting his own weekly show on dnbradio.com and quickly accepted...The Astrogator can be heard every Wednesday 7-9pm EST.

For over a decade, emplate has been known for his diverse selection of up to date releases, promos & unreleased tracks & plays accordingly to timeslot, crowd & vibe.

For more music from emplate, please click the links below:


Enjoy the sounds of emplate!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Track Listing:
01. DJ Hybrid - Shoot Em Up - Audio Addict Records
02. Curricula & Nsyn - Ghouls - Auraya Recordings (Dub)
03. Subcriminal - Raised In The Hood - Ghetto Dub Recordings
04. Mr Explicit - Caution - Weapon Of Choice Recordings
05. Serum & Voltage ft. MC Bassman - Cricket Bat - Low Down Deep Recordings
06. KillaTwin - Ya Bad - Director's Cut
07. DJ Sofa - Soundclash Killa - Faceless Audio (Free)
08. Exit Point - Badman Style (Konz 2017 Remix) - Diamond Dubz
09. Missing - Original Soldier - Kemet Music
10. Logistics - Cloudwater - Hospital Records (Free)
11. K Jah - Turbo Royale VIP - Hocus Pocus Recordings
12. Fixate - What Goes Around - Exit Records
13. Bladerunner - High Pressure - Hi-Resolution Recordings
14. Mr Explicit - Emerald Lightning - Asbo Records
15. Mystical Sound - Frontline - Influenza Media
16. Conrad Subs - Culture - Maad Ting
17. Dub Elements - Dope - DEM Recordings
18. Enei - Mosquito (Benny L Remix) - Critical Music
19. Epicentre - Ear Worm - Sub-Woofah Records
20. Jabba - Knee Jerk - Sub Minded Records
21. Jinx - Bounce - Free Download
22. Konz - Rango - Nuke Records
23. Jam Thieves - Brooklyn - Playaz Recordings
24. L-Kind - Rumble - Rollerz (Free)
25. Need For Mirrors - Dumbing Down - V Recordings
26. Surreal - Change The Program - Celsius Recordings
27. Wilf Hertz - Timewarp - Free Download
28. Teej - Life Support - Faceless Audio (Free)
29. Move - Twos Up - AFT Records
30. Andy C - Cool Down (Total Science Remix) - RAM Records
31. DJ Ollie - Human Race - Dynamic Audio
32. Objectiv - Hustler - Fragmented Recordings
33. Nepo & Whisper - Heppier You - Calypso Muzak
34. Serum & Voltage - Bubbling Up - Low Down Deep Recordings
35. Ego Trippin - Hard Bop VIP - Subway Soundz
36. Bladerunner - Jungle Jungle VIP - Get Hype Records
37. Damage Report - Rope Swing - Grid Recordings UK
38. Just Jungle - Physical Level - G Lab Recordings
39. Kumarachi - Phatty (Octo Pi Remix) - Audio Addict Records
40. Vertigo - Hallcunations - Rollerz (Free)
41. Mystical Sound - Sakura VIP - Anticlockwise Music
42. Andy C & Shimon - Quest (Bladerunner Remix) - RAM Records
43. Feline - Institution - Natty Dub Recordings
44. Jaguar Paw - Slow Down Frankie - Viral-Mental Records
45. Jam Thieves & Voltage - LSD - Playaz Recordings (Free)
46. Origin Unknown - Truly One (Kasra & Enei Remix) - RAM Records
47. Alex SLK - Classical - Dub
48. Conrad Subs - Night Shift - Dub
49. Serum & Voltage - Jackpot - Low Down Deep Recordings
50. Subcriminal - Cocobutter - Ghetto Dub Recordings
51. Need For Mirrors - RPM - V Recordings
52. Effekttz - Drugs Everywhere - Dub
53. Bladerunner - Turbo Boost - Hi-Resolution Recordings
54. Cabbie - Positive Vibes - Dynamic Audio

Special ED-Exclusive mix-Episode 316
December 15, 2017 05:10 AM PST
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Good morning everyone!! Welcome to episode 316 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Thank you KC for your mix that we featured for episode 315!

Episode 316 sees us travel to British Columbia, Canada, for a mix from Special ED!

Special ED's mix starts out with a couple of smooth, funky rollers, then gets a bit more grimy, before progressing into a footwork esque, DNB track, and an old school influenced roller, so many great tunes in this mix!! A favorite of mine was the S.P.Y. remix of Digital's BIG TUNE, Deadline!

Let's meet our dj for episode 316, Special ED:

Kicking off his DJ career in 1996, SPECIAL ED (aka ED KNUDSON) quickly mastered the art of mixing records and integrated himself as a crucial member of VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA's JUNGLE and DRUM AND BASS scene. By the end of the 1990s, through his his involvement with WHITEBIRD RECORDS and pure dedication to the music, ED had amassed one of the largest collections of wax, as well as one of the longest resumes of any DJ in VICTORIA. Since 2000, ED has resided (or played at least once) at every regular DRUM AND BASS function in VICTORIA and VANCOUVER. Working with various production companies such as 420 KRU, GROUND LEVEL, ROYAL PLATOON, AUTOMATIC, SHAH DJs, and DIGITAL MOTION, ED has honed his skills behind the decks and developed a following for his unique sound and selection. Over the years, ED has shared the stage with revered names such as SPECTRASOUL, CAMO + KROOKED, DJ SS, REMARC, DIESELBOY, AK1200, GENERAL MALICE, NICKY BLACKMARKET, MICKY FINN, APHRODITE, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, ED RUSH + OPTICAL, and A-SIDES.

Currently based in VANCOUVER, CANADA, ED has recently joined the ELM IMPRINT & DIGITAL family, as well as written for the DNB VAULT online news blog. Fresh off the release of "MOB MENTALITY" (a collaboration alongside the legendary PSIDREAM on the venerable NIGHTFALL RECORDINGS imprint), you can also catch ED on the popular BOILER KITCHEN livestreams on FACEBOOK.

For more music from Special ED, please click the links below:




Enjoy the sounds of Special ED!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Track listing:

Melinki - Those Happy Days (Original Mix)

Command Strange, T.r.a.c. - Take the Reigns (Original Mix)

Random Movement, Jaybee - Well That's Fun (Original Mix)

Voltage - Submarine (Original Mix)

Jam Thieves - Next Generation (Original Mix)

Command Strange, T.r.a.c. - Take the Reigns (Original Mix)

Random Movement, Jaybee - Well That's Fun (Original Mix)

Voltage - Submarine (Original Mix)

Jam Thieves - Next Generation (Original Mix)

1991 - Dun Kno (Original Mix)

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Ouija (Original Mix)

Digital - Deadline (S.P.Y. VIP)

Melinki - Teddy's song (Original Mix)

Q Project - Ask Not (Original Mix)

Fre4knc, Jam Thieves - 3rd Dal Universe (Original Mix)

KC - They're Here(V3)
Fizik & SkOpus - Let It Roll

MSDOS and DBASE - Chords

Scar - Native Girl (Original Mix)

Jam Thieves - Brooklyn (Original Mix)

Need For Mirrors - Pagans (Original Mix)

Breakage - Ric Flair Strut (Original Mix)

KC-Exclusive mix-Episode 315
November 29, 2017 03:44 PM PST
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Hello everyone and welcome back, hope you're ready, because here comes episode 315 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Thank you Alaskan native, TunaFishBoi for your mix that we featured for episode 314!!

Episode 315 brings us a mix from producer and dj, KC, who hails from the great state of Ohio! As is customary with producers, I like to highlight tracks that I think all of you should have in your repertoire, three of my favorites from KC are Bring Back the Funk, Slimeville, which is a collab with him and NC-17, and The Beyond, another collab with he and NC-17!! There you go, you've been put on notice, find these on Beatport and put them in your cart.

The mix Emplate and I received from KC is full of rollers,that KC said he is really feeling! After listening to this mix, I'm sure you'll feel the same!

KC's mix starts out with some deep, heavy rollers and progresses its way through neuro rollers, techy rollers, dancefloor tunes, old school infused rollers, and some lighter, borderline, liquid tracks!! This mix flawlessly moves from strength to strength!

Let's meet our dj for episode 315, KC:

The DJ and Production force Kevin Cunningham, a.k.a. KC, started his career alongside DJ Tik Tak as part the Baseheads crew in Cleveland, Ohio. Kevin's precise mixing skills and turntable trickery quickly earned him a reputation of being a commodity to watch. In an effort to gain independence from the local scene which held him, he decided to migrate to Chicago where he had landed a prestigious job in the DJ Mega-store, Supreme records, located in the downtown Wicker Park area. His placement at Supreme as head of ordering for Drum and Bass served the Chicago community with a dedicated and up to date selection of import jungle music, something unheard of prior to his arrival. KC, soon after arriving to the windy city, began work on attaining production skills that rivaled most of his continental peers. He found an early outlet for his material on Canvas Recordings, the drum 'n' bass outpost of Bad Boy Bill's Mix Connection Music empire. That was only the beginning.
Since then, Kevin has accomplished releases on elite labels such as Symmetry,Eatbrain, Human Imprint, Nemesis, Mainframe, and Big Riddim. With no signs of slowing, the future continues to look bright for KC.

For more music from KC, please click the links below:


Enjoy the sounds of KC!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Track listing:

Omnilon - Lynx
Bring War - Coppa feat. Shimon & Trimer
Singularity - Nian Dub feat. Tonn Piper
Sidewinder - Phloem
Pushed in the Corner - LJ High
New Mind (HLZ Remix) - Composite
Mr Mac VIP Part 2 - Saxxon
Bonafide - DJ Hybrid
Dub Time - True Tactix
Event Horizon - Black Barrel
Faceless - Wingz
It’s Too Late - Jaxx
Lost (Pola & Bryson Remix) - Hybrid Minds
On and On - The Invaderz
Well That’s Fun - Random Movement & Jaybee