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Special ED-Exclusive mix-Episode 316
December 15, 2017 05:10 AM PST
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Good morning everyone!! Welcome to episode 316 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Thank you KC for your mix that we featured for episode 315!

Episode 316 sees us travel to British Columbia, Canada, for a mix from Special ED!

Special ED's mix starts out with a couple of smooth, funky rollers, then gets a bit more grimy, before progressing into a footwork esque, DNB track, and an old school influenced roller, so many great tunes in this mix!! A favorite of mine was the S.P.Y. remix of Digital's BIG TUNE, Deadline!

Let's meet our dj for episode 316, Special ED:

Kicking off his DJ career in 1996, SPECIAL ED (aka ED KNUDSON) quickly mastered the art of mixing records and integrated himself as a crucial member of VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA's JUNGLE and DRUM AND BASS scene. By the end of the 1990s, through his his involvement with WHITEBIRD RECORDS and pure dedication to the music, ED had amassed one of the largest collections of wax, as well as one of the longest resumes of any DJ in VICTORIA. Since 2000, ED has resided (or played at least once) at every regular DRUM AND BASS function in VICTORIA and VANCOUVER. Working with various production companies such as 420 KRU, GROUND LEVEL, ROYAL PLATOON, AUTOMATIC, SHAH DJs, and DIGITAL MOTION, ED has honed his skills behind the decks and developed a following for his unique sound and selection. Over the years, ED has shared the stage with revered names such as SPECTRASOUL, CAMO + KROOKED, DJ SS, REMARC, DIESELBOY, AK1200, GENERAL MALICE, NICKY BLACKMARKET, MICKY FINN, APHRODITE, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, ED RUSH + OPTICAL, and A-SIDES.

Currently based in VANCOUVER, CANADA, ED has recently joined the ELM IMPRINT & DIGITAL family, as well as written for the DNB VAULT online news blog. Fresh off the release of "MOB MENTALITY" (a collaboration alongside the legendary PSIDREAM on the venerable NIGHTFALL RECORDINGS imprint), you can also catch ED on the popular BOILER KITCHEN livestreams on FACEBOOK.

For more music from Special ED, please click the links below:




Enjoy the sounds of Special ED!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Track listing:

Melinki - Those Happy Days (Original Mix)

Command Strange, T.r.a.c. - Take the Reigns (Original Mix)

Random Movement, Jaybee - Well That's Fun (Original Mix)

Voltage - Submarine (Original Mix)

Jam Thieves - Next Generation (Original Mix)

Command Strange, T.r.a.c. - Take the Reigns (Original Mix)

Random Movement, Jaybee - Well That's Fun (Original Mix)

Voltage - Submarine (Original Mix)

Jam Thieves - Next Generation (Original Mix)

1991 - Dun Kno (Original Mix)

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Ouija (Original Mix)

Digital - Deadline (S.P.Y. VIP)

Melinki - Teddy's song (Original Mix)

Q Project - Ask Not (Original Mix)

Fre4knc, Jam Thieves - 3rd Dal Universe (Original Mix)

KC - They're Here(V3)
Fizik & SkOpus - Let It Roll

MSDOS and DBASE - Chords

Scar - Native Girl (Original Mix)

Jam Thieves - Brooklyn (Original Mix)

Need For Mirrors - Pagans (Original Mix)

Breakage - Ric Flair Strut (Original Mix)

KC-Exclusive mix-Episode 315
November 29, 2017 03:44 PM PST
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Hello everyone and welcome back, hope you're ready, because here comes episode 315 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Thank you Alaskan native, TunaFishBoi for your mix that we featured for episode 314!!

Episode 315 brings us a mix from producer and dj, KC, who hails from the great state of Ohio! As is customary with producers, I like to highlight tracks that I think all of you should have in your repertoire, three of my favorites from KC are Bring Back the Funk, Slimeville, which is a collab with him and NC-17, and The Beyond, another collab with he and NC-17!! There you go, you've been put on notice, find these on Beatport and put them in your cart.

The mix Emplate and I received from KC is full of rollers,that KC said he is really feeling! After listening to this mix, I'm sure you'll feel the same!

KC's mix starts out with some deep, heavy rollers and progresses its way through neuro rollers, techy rollers, dancefloor tunes, old school infused rollers, and some lighter, borderline, liquid tracks!! This mix flawlessly moves from strength to strength!

Let's meet our dj for episode 315, KC:

The DJ and Production force Kevin Cunningham, a.k.a. KC, started his career alongside DJ Tik Tak as part the Baseheads crew in Cleveland, Ohio. Kevin's precise mixing skills and turntable trickery quickly earned him a reputation of being a commodity to watch. In an effort to gain independence from the local scene which held him, he decided to migrate to Chicago where he had landed a prestigious job in the DJ Mega-store, Supreme records, located in the downtown Wicker Park area. His placement at Supreme as head of ordering for Drum and Bass served the Chicago community with a dedicated and up to date selection of import jungle music, something unheard of prior to his arrival. KC, soon after arriving to the windy city, began work on attaining production skills that rivaled most of his continental peers. He found an early outlet for his material on Canvas Recordings, the drum 'n' bass outpost of Bad Boy Bill's Mix Connection Music empire. That was only the beginning.
Since then, Kevin has accomplished releases on elite labels such as Symmetry,Eatbrain, Human Imprint, Nemesis, Mainframe, and Big Riddim. With no signs of slowing, the future continues to look bright for KC.

For more music from KC, please click the links below:


Enjoy the sounds of KC!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Track listing:

Omnilon - Lynx
Bring War - Coppa feat. Shimon & Trimer
Singularity - Nian Dub feat. Tonn Piper
Sidewinder - Phloem
Pushed in the Corner - LJ High
New Mind (HLZ Remix) - Composite
Mr Mac VIP Part 2 - Saxxon
Bonafide - DJ Hybrid
Dub Time - True Tactix
Event Horizon - Black Barrel
Faceless - Wingz
It’s Too Late - Jaxx
Lost (Pola & Bryson Remix) - Hybrid Minds
On and On - The Invaderz
Well That’s Fun - Random Movement & Jaybee

TunaFishBoi-Exclusive mix-Stateside Series Vol2-Alaska-Episode 314
November 14, 2017 03:40 PM PST
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After a couple weeks, we are back at it! Welcome to episode 314 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Thank you MsDos for the mix we featured for episode 313!!

Episode 314 is our second installment from the Stateside Series and for those of you keeping track, we visited the great state of Alaska for this mix!

This episode features a mix from TunaFishBoi!

TunaFishBoi's mix eases in with some atmospheric tunes, jungle, and some bits from the legend, Marcus Intalex! The mix progresses on with a fluid feel, featuring liquid tracks and rollers! This is great mix for driving in the car or chilling at home!

I really enjoyed this mix and I was happy to connect with an artist who I can tell really loves DNB and Jungle!

Let's meet our selectah for episode 314, TunaFishBoi:

Connected to music from an infinite past, his soul breathes with refreshing energy to form a fluid mix. The world is a jungle and we can dance in it together.

For more music from TunaFishBoi, please click the links below:




Track Listing:

Music is So Special – Brothers With Soul
The River (VIP) – Boymerang
Voyage Celestial – Tim Reaper
I Think of You – Goldie
What ya Gonna Do – Da Intalex
Believe – Mist:i:cal feat. Robert Owens
Second Coming – Carlito
Sensual – Goldie
The Jam – Survival
Music's Hypnotizing (re-charged) – Aphrodite
Kaikan – Senses & Survival
Roundabout – ICR
In My Mind – Lenzman feat. IAMDDB
Stay – Monrroe feat. Charlotte Haining

MsDos-Exclusive mix-Episode 313
October 30, 2017 04:00 PM PDT
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Hello everyone and welcome back to The Everyday Junglist Podcast, here we gooooo!!

Thank you Maverick Soul for the mix we featured for episode 312!

Episode 313 brings us a mix from a producer I have been wanting to showcase for some time, MsDos!!

I am a big fan of MsDos's music and label, Liquid Drops! Four tracks of his that I think you should add to your collection are: Sun Rising, Aperture, Daftin, and Sweet August, these are my personal faves, but trust me, I could recommend at least 20 more! Remember I am big fan of his.

MsDos's mix features tracks from his label, Liquid Drops, along with some exclusive dubs! His mix is a patient and measured showcase of some soulful liquid cuts, old school inspired rollers, and warm, melodic amens, with soulful, vocal samples! I am sure a lot of you will have this one on heavy, heavy, rotation!

Let's meet our dj for episode 313, MsDos:

Chris K. also known as MSDOS, is by far the world's largest Greek representative in Liquid Drum'n'Bass scene. His style is influenced clearly by classic vintage soul/jazz sounds from movies back in 60's and 70's and he has releases (digital and vinyl format) in some of the major companies of the scene such as the legendary Good Looking Recordings, Liquid V Rec, Phuzion, Fokuz, the German Have-a-Break as well as the Greek labels, Timewarp, and Boombastic Jam.

His tunes have been played on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Ministry of Sound Radio, Bassdrive and by djs such as Ltj Bukem, Fabio, Bryan Gee, Dj Patife, Bailey, Jumping Jack Frost, Ez Rollers, Marky.
As a remixer, he has reworked the superhit of the 90's, ‘’Technova’’ by Towa Tei (producer of the legendary Deee-Lite ) which was launched in 1995 with remix from the Wink. He has also remixed classic tunes, like "Only You" by Nookie and one of the largest jungle hits from the ' 90s "The Razor's Edge" by Steve C & DJ Monita which will be released in anniversary edition of 20 years from its first launch. As regards the Greek cooperation, he has remixed tunes of Basement Freaks and Timewarp Inc.

Finally, as radio producer, starting in the late ' 80's, has passed between the brackets of the National Hellenic Radio of Aegean and the Kiss Fm Mytilene. In 2008 began one of the most popular podcasts with more than 400k d/ls within 4 years. By the end of the year he will participate in "Bukem In Sessions" night in Fabric.

For more music from MsDos, please click the links below:





Enjoy the sounds of MsDos!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Track Listing:

1. Joz Moz & mSdoS - Your Summer Haze (Liquid Drops)

2. mSdoS - The Strings (Joz Moz Remix) (Liquid Drops dub)

3. nCamargo - Side By Side (Master) (Liquid Drops)

4. RMS - Currents (Liquid Drops)

5. DJ Hybrid - Love The Vibe (Audio Addict Records)

6. Furney - Lost property (Liquid Drops)

7. Changer - Missing You (Liquid Drops dub)

8. mSdoS - The First Rain MASTER (Smooth n Groove)

9. Kyro & mSdoS - That Summer In Paris (Future Thinkin)

10.mSdoS - Waves (Soul Deep Exclusives)

Maverick Soul-Exclusive Mix-Episode 312
October 14, 2017 05:35 AM PDT
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Good morning to everyone out there and welcome to episode 312 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Thank you Octo Pi for the mix that we featured for episode 311!

Episode 312 brings us a mix from Maverick Soul, just off the release of his LP, Chandra on Emcee Recordings! I would to thank both Maverick Soul and DJ Chef for having us feature this great mix for our podcast!

Maverick Soul's mix takes me back to summer with its soulful, vocal laden tracks and upfront rollers. Maverick's mix combines some of his released and unreleased tracks, along with some smooth, soulful killers, which I was really feelin!

For those of you who have not picked up Maverick Soul's new LP, Chandra, please pick it up, my four personal favorite tunes on the LP are: Chandra, Covert, Ganesha, and Soul Silhouette!

Let's meet Maverick Soul, our feature dj for episode 312:

Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut,  Maverick Soul has been producing soulful sounds for the last two decades.  His style stems from a childhood of jazz piano study, playing alongside childhood friend Jeff Gitelman (The Stepkids), mixed with growing up on the east coast during the Hip Hop golden years.  In the late 90's he worked as a Hip Hop producer for local acts such as The Unknowns & Fallen Angels.
The evolution to Drum n Bass only seemed natural, since the rave scene really hit it's stride in the US during the Y2K era, pushing the envelope of sound and creativity. Today, his style has evolved even further to raw biting yet soulfully sweet productions. Maverick Soul is currently an artist on EMCEE Recordings, and has several releases in both the Hip Hop/Soul and DNB genres.

For more music from Maverick Soul, please click the links below:




@mavericksoulful - twitter

@mavericksoul - IG


Enjoy the sounds of Maverick Soul! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Track Listing:
Maverick Soul - Hypnotic (unreleased)
Mr. Joseph ft. Identified - Silky Soft
DJ Patife ft. Vangeliez - Flying High
Lenzman - Walk On By
Edward Oberon & Paul T - Laying Low
Riya ft. LSB - As Soon As
Phaction ft. Leo Wood - I Have You
Riya ft. Total Science, Frank Carter III, Maverick Soul - Confessions (Break Remix)
Rowpieces - Canyu Feelat
Makoto ft. Karina Rampage - Winds Of Change
Simplification & Translate - Don\'92t Forget
Dave Owen ft. T.R.A.C & Charli Brix - Love Is All We Need
Edward Oberon & Paul T - Rewind
Hugh Hardie ft. GLXY, 3-Card, Zoe Phillips - She Moves
Phaction ft. Hugh Hardie - Signature Moves
Maverick Soul - El Presidente (unreleased)
Maverick Soul - Elusive Dreams
Melinki ft. Damien Soul - Missing Something
Silence Groove - Blue Sky
Maverick Soul - Ganesha
Maverick Soul - Heartbeats