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Jem One-Exclusive mix-Episode 328
June 15, 2018 03:35 AM PDT
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Hello all of you out there, the weekend is upon us and so is the latest installment of The Everyday Junglist Podcast! Step inside episode 328 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Thank you Y.L.S. for your mix that we featured for episode 327!

Episode 328 brings us a mix from an artist who Iv'e been a fan of since his early days releasing tunes on 36 Hertz, Jem One!

Before we get to Jem's mix, I am going to highlight three of my favorite Jem One tracks: AWOL, Biology, and Terminator X, I could go on, but I think these three tunes in particular you should all have in your arsenal!

Jem's mix starts with some deep, dark rollers and a wicked remix of the Jonny L classic Piper. The deep, dark rollers give way to a clean, uplifting amen tune! The mix slides back into deep rollers, dark rollers, and some hard hitting, upfront tunes, the last track is wrapped in a filthy amen! Jem's mix was a masterpiece with massive tunes that were patiently stitched together with surgical precision!

Let's meet our selektah for episode 328, Jem One:

Jem One started his journey into the Drum and Bass scene during 2007 with his distinctive atmospheric old school sound of sub bass and stepping breaks.

Top labels and DJ’s of the scene quickly realised Jem was one to watch, and his music was signed to many of the major labels including 36 Hertz Recordings, Intasound, Mac 2, Deep kut and Vampire Records among others.

Jem One’s music has been featured on a host of top compilation CD’s including Andy Cs Nightlife 4 mix series, and Goldie’s Watch The Ride compilation.

With regular airplay on BBC Radio 1 and regular support from the likes of Goldie, Grooverider, Fabio, Randall, Flight, DJ Vapour, DJ Marky, Digital, Andy C and DJ Friction, Stretch, Monita, Ricky Force Double 0 and many more.

Jem’s track “ Metal Voice” was voted tune of the year in 2008 by DJ Bailey in a magazine poll.

After a break of a few years, Jem-One is now firmly establishing himself within the deeper darker underground jungle scene. With a number of new signings to prolific labels such as AKO beatz, Skeleton, Repertoire, Holotype, 117, and his debut ep on Metalheadz Methxx to be announced in the near future.

For more music from Jem One, please click the link below and give this page a like:


Enjoy the sounds of Jem One! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Y.L.S.-Exclusive mix-Episode 327
May 31, 2018 01:55 PM PDT
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We are back to deliver you some listening pleasure for your upcoming weekend! Welcome to episode 327 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Thank you Mantra for your mix that we featured for episode 327!

Our latest mix comes to us from Y.L.S., who resides in Portugal and who reps Skalator Music!

Y.L.S.'s mix features rollers, deep, heavy rollers, techy rollers, neurofunk tracks, a little bit of halftime, and a couple of tracks at the end of the mix that are straight up destroyers!! This mix has great track selection and flawless mixing!

Let's meet our dj, who is reppin Skalator Music, Y.L.S.:

With more than 17 years behind the decks, Y.L.S. is one of the most prolific DJ’s in the portuguese bass music scene. Label manager at Skalator Music, and an active contributor with the Mais Baixo Crew in Lisbon. YLS is a project that explores new fusions of styles within "bass music", always with a dancefloor grip in mind, whatever the parties he's performing.This led, over the years to act throughout Portugal, with some excursions in Poland, Italy, Germany and USA, sharing the DJ booth with the best producers and DJs of the drum n' bass scene D Bridge, Spectrasoul, Icicle, Break, Instra: Mental, Rockwell, The Upbeats, Spor, J Magik, SKC, Sabre, Survival, Trei, Temper D, Borgore, Cookie Monsta to name a few.

The label Skalator Music has been home for some inspiring productions from artists like Neurotoxin, Riot, Groves, MPathy, Skalator, Allove, Broken Sight; with 2018 promising a few more slick releases. Watch this space!

For more music from Y.L.S. and Skalator Music, please click on the links below:






Enjoy the sounds of Y.L.S.!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Track List:

1- Groves - Clinik - Skalator Music
2- Seba - Implosion - Secret Operations
3- Mako - Daggy - Dispatch Recordings
4- Alix Perez - Dark Star - 1985 Music
5- Arkaik - Special Place - Vandal Records
6- MPathy - Anticipation - Skalator Music
7- Genotype - Mad Circle - Nurtured beatz
8- Neurotoxin - V2K - Skalator Music
9- DLR - Thinking About Tomorrow - Dispatch Recordings
10- Fearful, Amoss - The Bends - Flexout Audio
11- Jubei - State Of The Art (Dub Version) - Metalheadz
12- MISO - Inexplicable - Counterpoint Recordings
13- Bop - Untitled Pattern 56 - Hospital Records
14- Skeptical - Blue Eyes (VIP) - Ingredients UK
15- Riot - Destroyer - Skalator Music
16- PA & Titan Dred - Purple Demonz - Dread Recordings
17- Overlook - Magick - UVB-76 Music
18- Neurotoxin - ????? - Skalator Music Dub
19- Dub Phizix - Out There - Ingredients UK
20- Commix - Bear Music - Hospital Records
21- Dub Head - Giant - Dispatch Recordings
22- QZB & Phentix - Gang Signs - Flexout Audio
23- Survey - The Hunter - Invisible Recordings
24- Mauoq - Your Own (Arkaik Remix) - Mauoq Music
25- Survival - Roots - Dispatch Recordings
26- Ulterior Motive - Step Change - Metalheadz
27- Forest Drive West - Last Day - Rupture LDN

Mantra-Exclusive mix-Episode 326
May 25, 2018 05:08 PM PDT
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Good evening everyone, hope most of you are looking forward to enjoying the Holiday weekend! We have some thing for your ears to ease you into this weekend, welcome to episode 326 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Thank you Midway and Dj Choppah for your mixes that we featured for episode 325!

Episode 326 brings us a mix from the mighty Mantra, representing Rupture!
Mantra co-runs the seminal giant, Rupture LDN with Double O and throws the legendary Rupture parties with Double O, showcasing some of the most talented drum n' bass/jungle producers and dj's!

Before we get to the mix, I would like to detail some of my favorite tracks from Mantra that I think all of you should pick up: Powder of Life, Nocturne, and The Hollow, which is a collab with Drum Cypha!

Mantra's mix starts deep, dark and moody, drawing you in, before unleashing with a crisp amen tune. The energy builds with each new tune! The mix rolls out with some upfront tracks with filthy basslines and breaks that belie their incoming onslaught when they drop! The refrain of the mix is a combination of beautifully constructed amens with dreamy atmospheric layers, heavyweight, hard hitters, and bits with some wicked breaks. The mix concludes with a melodic, amen track! The mix is AMAZING!!

Let's meet our selectah for episode 326, Mantra:

Representing real drum and bass at it’s finest, Mantra’s deep and emotive sound in the mix comes from an intense passion for the music. With a selection that’s both inspirational as well as educational, her sets bring the beats into balance and cross the spectrum of dark and uplifting styles. Much more than just a DJ, Mantra has already made an impact across the drum and bass scene and looks set to keep rolling strong.
Conscious of the history of the music she loves yet always looking to push things forward, she’s no newcomer and her involvement with drum and bass runs much deeper than just a hobby. Having worked for record distributers SRD as well as promoting her own regular club night, Rupture, she’s learnt from the ground up and built a solid foundation on which she continues to grow.
The success of Rupture stands testament to Mantra’s hard work and commitment, and that of her partner Double-O. Borne of a desire to take it back to basics, Rupture has gone from strength to strength with original line ups that combine the best new DJs alongside some of the underground’s leading lights. The night has built up over the past 10 years to form what is now recognized as London’s best underground dnb night.
Her productions have been supported by dBridge, Loxy, Flight, Storm amongst others. With releases line up on AKO, Repertoire, UVB-76 and Rupture LDN Mantra’s productions are set to keep moving forward in 2018.

For more music from Mantra and Rupture LDN, please click the links below:






Enjoy the sounds of Mantra! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Track list:

Shiken Hanzo - Kunai - Samurai
The Untouchables - Scavengers - Samurai
Goldie - Manslaughter (Rider 95 remix) -Renforced
Overlook - Down the Rabbit Hole - Osirus
Forest Drive West - Nothing Else - Rupture LDN
Acid Lab and Scale - Warrior - Skeleton
Forest Drive West - Curved Path
Aspect - Stand Clear - Droogs
Response and Pliskin ft Lara Lee - Stolen Keys - Rupture LDN
Forest Drive West - Jungle Crack VIP
Source Direct - Mind Weaver
Holsten - Abscess
Double O - Rare Groove - Rupture LDN
Scar - Leave Off - Metalheadz
Sully - Epoch - Rupture LDN
OneMind - The Timeless - Metalheadz
Mani Festo - Hold the Line - Rupture LDN
Theory - Heartbreak in Paradise - Rupture LDN

Midway & DJ Choppah-Exclusive mix-Episode 325
May 01, 2018 05:58 PM PDT
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May is here and so is episode 325 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast, let's goooo!!!

Thank you Pete Shredz for your mix that we featured for episode 324!

Episode 325 brings us not one, but two mixes, featuring mix 1 on the front end, from Midway, and mix 2 featuring Dj Choppah! Both of these dj's representing Midway Productions!

These two mixes are on point and bring some serious heat, showcasing deep bass rollers, tracks with growling basslines, old school influenced rollers, remixes of classic tracks, and tunes from Midway himself! These two dj's went in on these mixes!!

Let's meet our two, that's right, two selectah's for episode 325, Midway and Dj Choppah:

Sometime around early 1994, I was on a family holiday in Cornwall. About to embark on the painfully long drive back home and filling up with snacks at
a service station. A CD caught my eye on the shelf it was real bright green and said Jungle Mania on the front. I bought it and listened to it the whole
journey home and remember hearing for the first time the likes of Leviticus - the burial, Shy FX Gangster, Original Nuttuh etc.. thinking wow what is this!!
I was kind of hooked ever since that point.

I bought myself a set of Technics 1210s with an old Numark mixer and started collecting vinyl locally, which progressed to regular weekly trips to Blackmarket Records
amongst many other little gems of places throughout the 90's.
I'll never forget walking down the stairs and feeling the bass in your chest, turn the corner by the flyer wall and boom theres Nicky beaming from ear to ear waiting to
load you up with the latest fire!

I've always mixed full spectrum sets and thats pretty much where the name Midway came from..

I got myself a weekly radio show on a local station (ManicFM.com) based in St Albans, I did my show here for 2-3 years and made some wicked connections, some
of which are currently smashing the scene right now.

In 2010 roughly I started producing my own music and building up a studio etc, this has carried on until today and the journey has been long and eventful. I had 2
tracks signed to a label based in the midlands called BassJump Records. This was my debut DNB release. Since then I have been blessed to be able to of released on
a number of labels including : Totally Dubwise Recordings, Physmatics, Laylow Recordings, Yardrock, Flex Ind, Major League Hustlers, Format Musik DNB and more.

In Novemeber 2015 after some advice from some established artists and DJs I decided to fulfill one of my life long dreams and start up my own label
Midway Productions.

Since our first release dec 2015 the label has seen releases from artists all over the spectrum and to comemorate our 2nd year running we released a massive 17 track remix LP featuring a wicked collective of artists.

Dj Choppah:

A jungle drum n bass dj from north west london.

Choppah has a weekly show on KOOLLONDON every Wednesday from 5 till 7pm.

Also watch out for releases from Choppah on YARDROCK and ASBO REC.

For more music from Midway Productions, please click the links below:




Enjoy the sounds of Midway and Dj Choppah!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!


1./ Lion UK - - Hazardous Musik
2./ SilentCode - About you
3./ Midway - Is that Jungle - (forthcoming FLEX IND)
4./ Lion UK - Mash It Up
5./ Kenny Ken & MargaMan - Nuff Gal
6./ Dapz - Soundboy Dead - Brawlin Beatz
7./ Midway - Bombaclaat - Midway Productions
8./ DJ Ransome - Big Rig -
9./ Ikon B - Born to this - Soundshifter RMX - Format Music DNB
10./ Dapz - Buss Diss - Midway RMX - Format Music DNB
11./ Java - The Wax - Hazardous Musik
12./ Brian Brainstorm feat Lady D-Zire - Moving On - LionDub International
13./ Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion - Deeper Night RMS RMX - Format Music DNB
14./ DJ Hybrid & Agro - Murder Soundboy - Sub-liminal Records
15./ Lion UK - Move Yu BloodClaat
16./ Dead Intent - Operation Jungle - Midway RMX - Midway Productions
17./ Midway - The Time Has Come - Midway Productions
18./ DJ SS - The Lighter - Midway Special (DUB)
19./ Brian Brainstorm - Kill a Drumpan - Liondub International
20./ Midway - Jungle Time - UK Export Records
21./ Lion UK - Time Step
22./ Audiomission - Serial Killaz - You Know
23./ Midway - Zion - DUB

DJ Choppah- Track list:
Confused (Dapz RMX)
Steppa Style & Marcus Visionary ft George Palmer - Pack Up [Totally Dubwise Recordings]
Serial Killaz -Your Number
Veak - Sudden Flight
Beast Mode - Ganja Baby
True Tactix - Time Delay
Replicant - Ruff N Tuff (Veak Remix)
Andy C & Shimon Night Flight (Shimon remix)
DJ Hybrid - Dont Test
Veak - Shadow
Chimera - Deeper Life - Bladerunner Remix
Numa Crew, Robert Dallas, Petah Sunday Impossible (Brian Brainstorm VIP)
RMS & Dublic - Deadman Walking
Too Greezey - Too Rude For Them
Aries & Nicky Blackmarket This Way (Brian Brainstorm Remix)
Veak - Warning
Aries & Rahmanee.feat Gardna-On Road
Johnny Osbourne & Marcus Visionary Lend Me
Total Science & Break Big Time Winners
X-Nation No Need To Tell Ya
Hylu & Jago Pressure Ft Kosher -Pressure Ft. Kosher

Pete Shredz-Exclusive mix-Episode 324
April 15, 2018 02:55 PM PDT
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Hello everybody and welcome to episode 324 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Thank you Dioptrics for your mix that we featured for episode 323!

The mix we received and are featuring for episode 324, comes to us from Pete Shredz, who represents the Canadian capital of Ottawa!

Pete's mix is rowdy right out of the gate, showcasing deep bass rollers, upfront rollers with Mc's, amen tunes, and the Die, classic, Something Special! Pete put together a BIG mix for this one!

Let's meet the mighty Pete Shredz:

Pete Shredz
Cre8dnb, DNBCulture.ca, Intaface Audio

Pushing the sounds of Jungle/Drum & Bass in and out of Canada’s Capital Pete
Pete Shredz’ love for DnB & Jungle music started at a young age getting early exposure
of it from traveling to the UK as a kid and hearing the early sounds of the genre. Though
not submersed in the rave scene when growing up in Toronto but still was active with
music he started listening to various electronic genres to grow his love for the sounds.
Shredz moved to Ottawa in 2012 and came onto the scene in 2013 and has been
rinsing tunes with his high energy mixing of the full spectrum of drum n bass & jungle
Pete Shredz holds down a 2 bi-weekly radio shows
Dnbculture.ca show on Cre8dnb Sundays on Cre8dnb
Capital Jungle on DnbCulture.ca's FB live

For more music from Pete, please click the links below:







Enjoy the sounds of Pete Shredz! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Track List:

1- Coppa-Pirate Beats (feat Saxxon)
2- Saxxon- Bite Back
3- Bladerunner- Multiverse
4- Kanine- Locked Off
5- D Livin- Why? (Serum Remix)
6- Benny L & Shimon- Sharks
7- Dorian- Warface
8- Brockout- Do What ya Can
9- Serum & Bladerunner- The Ride
10 - L-Side feat DRS- No Sound
11 - Jaybee & Dave Owen- F—K Off (Vice Principles Remix)
12 - Dj Fresh- Heavyweight
13 - Enei & Kasra- Transmitter (feat Jakes)
14 - Bou- The Best
15 - Jaybee & Zere- Out Of Body Experience
16 - Scudd- Limpet
17 - Saxxon- In The Bag
18 - Symptom Burban- Belta Feat Savannah
19 - Regina Ft KJah- Another Day
20 - DJ Die- Something Special
21- Saxxon- Latino Vip