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Maverick Soul-Exclusive Mix-Episode 312
October 14, 2017 05:35 AM PDT
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Good morning to everyone out there and welcome to episode 312 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Thank you Octo Pi for the mix that we featured for episode 311!

Episode 312 brings us a mix from Maverick Soul, just off the release of his LP, Chandra on Emcee Recordings! I would to thank both Maverick Soul and DJ Chef for having us feature this great mix for our podcast!

Maverick Soul's mix takes me back to summer with its soulful, vocal laden tracks and upfront rollers. Maverick's mix combines some of his released and unreleased tracks, along with some smooth, soulful killers, which I was really feelin!

For those of you who have not picked up Maverick Soul's new LP, Chandra, please pick it up, my four personal favorite tunes on the LP are: Chandra, Covert, Ganesha, and Soul Silhouette!

Let's meet Maverick Soul, our feature dj for episode 312:

Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut,  Maverick Soul has been producing soulful sounds for the last two decades.  His style stems from a childhood of jazz piano study, playing alongside childhood friend Jeff Gitelman (The Stepkids), mixed with growing up on the east coast during the Hip Hop golden years.  In the late 90's he worked as a Hip Hop producer for local acts such as The Unknowns & Fallen Angels.
The evolution to Drum n Bass only seemed natural, since the rave scene really hit it's stride in the US during the Y2K era, pushing the envelope of sound and creativity. Today, his style has evolved even further to raw biting yet soulfully sweet productions. Maverick Soul is currently an artist on EMCEE Recordings, and has several releases in both the Hip Hop/Soul and DNB genres.

For more music from Maverick Soul, please click the links below:




@mavericksoulful - twitter

@mavericksoul - IG


Enjoy the sounds of Maverick Soul! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Track Listing:
Maverick Soul - Hypnotic (unreleased)
Mr. Joseph ft. Identified - Silky Soft
DJ Patife ft. Vangeliez - Flying High
Lenzman - Walk On By
Edward Oberon & Paul T - Laying Low
Riya ft. LSB - As Soon As
Phaction ft. Leo Wood - I Have You
Riya ft. Total Science, Frank Carter III, Maverick Soul - Confessions (Break Remix)
Rowpieces - Canyu Feelat
Makoto ft. Karina Rampage - Winds Of Change
Simplification & Translate - Don\'92t Forget
Dave Owen ft. T.R.A.C & Charli Brix - Love Is All We Need
Edward Oberon & Paul T - Rewind
Hugh Hardie ft. GLXY, 3-Card, Zoe Phillips - She Moves
Phaction ft. Hugh Hardie - Signature Moves
Maverick Soul - El Presidente (unreleased)
Maverick Soul - Elusive Dreams
Melinki ft. Damien Soul - Missing Something
Silence Groove - Blue Sky
Maverick Soul - Ganesha
Maverick Soul - Heartbeats

Octo Pi-Exclusive Mix-Episode 311
September 27, 2017 04:29 PM PDT
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Good evening everyone out there! Welcome to episode 311 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Thank you Kubic Eye the mix we featured for episode 310!

Episode 311 brings us a mix from Octo Pi! This 3 deck mix, full of exclusive dubs, is a head nodding, foot moving beauty. This mix nicely blends together rollers, dancefloor tunes, jump up, amens, neuro, and quite a few vocal tunes, that fit so well in this mix! This mix will be on heavy rotation!

For those of you not familiar with Octo Pi's music, I want to highlight three of my favorite Octo Pi tracks: Whale Call, Hold Your Breath, and Eraser. Purchase these tracks and more from Octo Pi!

Let's meet the dj behind episode 311, Octo Pi:

Jonathan Morgan, better known on the scene as ‘OCTO PI’ is a Drum & Bass DJ/Producer from Swansea now living in Bristol.
His back catalogue after years of hard work in the studio is nothing short of jaw dropping with a huge arsenal of original material and remixes under his belt. His style can only be described as ‘Up Front’, with most of his tracks featuring immensely strong and punchy drums coupled with complex melodic basslines set on a backdrop of euphoric, evolving pads. He’s equally at home producing blissed-out, rolling, vocal heavy Liquid Drum and Bass as he is producing balls to the floor, techy-driven steppers.
With previous releases on Viper Recordings, Jungle Cakes, Drum & Bass Arena, V Recordings, Soul Deep Recordings, Signal Jam Records and has been gaining support from all the major players on the scene.
In 2017 you can expect many more releases including his debut album dropping exclusively on AFT Records.
Watch this space!

For more music from Octo Pi, please click on the links below:



Enjoy the sounds of Octo Pi! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Track list:
1.Octo Pi – Still (DUB)
2.Technimatic – Bristol (Break RMX)
3.Octo Pi – Push (DUB)
4.Octo Pi – False Alarm (DUB)
5.G Dub – Tink ya bad RMX
6.Octo Pi – Your Move (DUB)
7.Octo Pi – Uncle Allan
8.Terrence & Phillip & Subconcious – Twisted Minds
9.Alibi & Command Strange – Ahead of me
10.Octo Pi – Eraser
11.NU:Logic – Nova
12.Pola & Bryson – Run from you (Hugh Hardie RMX)
13.Aperio – So true
14.Pola & Bryson – Temporary love (SPY RMX)
15.Brookes Brothers – Now I'm Found
16.Kumarachi & Octo Pi – Flow Drop
17.Kumarachi – Informer
18.Leaf – Jah
19.Audiomission & Creatures – Basis of existence
20.Octo Pi – Turn (DUB)
21.1991 – VHS
22.Octo Pi – Bordeaux (DUB)
23.Version – Sensorz
24.Pola & Bryson – Devil (Benny L RMX)
25.BCEE – Born to spin
26.Agro – Settle the score
27.Gerra & Stone – In disguise
28.BCEE – Hollow eyes
29.Jazzatron – Ulterior jungle
30.T.R.A.C – Step to you
31.Total Science & Hydro & War – Straight G
32.Kumarachi – 4AM where are you (Section RMX)
33.Imba & Octo Pi & Leah Costello – Infinite
34.Randall, Dave Antony & Lisa Millet – Broken plates (Voltage Rollers RMX)
35.BCEE – Armed & Dangerous
36.Pola & Bryson – Way back (Data 3 RMX)
37.Leaf – Wu style VIP
38.Octo Pi – Progress (DUB)
39.SBZ – Stress
40.Margaman – Withering
41.Kumarachi – Phatty (Octo Pi RMX) DUB
42.Calyx & Teebee – A day that never comes (Break RMX)
43.Chase & Status – Step Away
44.Skeptical – Desire
45.T.I – All I do
46.Octo Pi – Bass Rate VIP (DUB)
47.Shimon & Trimer – Scaredy cat
48.Des Mcmahon vs not sorry – Shadows
49.Symptom – Stay tough (Section RMX)
50.Revaux – Accelerate
51.Radiohead – My iron lung (Octo Pi BOOTLEG)
52.Serum & Voltage – Cyber Funkin
53.Octo Pi – Broken (DUB)
54.DLR & Hoppa – Who let you in
55.Terrence & Phillip & KT Kinga – DNB Religion
56.Gerra & Stone – Control information
57.Break – Who got da funk (boombassbrothers RMX)
58.Audiomission & Bass sheriff – Switch
59.Gerra & Stone – Vice
60.Benny L – Just swing
61.Precise – Life cycle
62.Shimon & Randall – Get twang
63.Kursiva & Qhymera – Rush
64.Octo Pi – Shift
65.Leaf – Get down
66.Monty – Spongy conversation
67.Octo Pi -Certain (DUB)
68.Lurch – The shakes (DUB)
69.Gerra & Stone – Preditor
70.Break – We are the people
71.Insom – Purple game
72.Insomniax – Facehugger
73.Octo Pi – Frightened
74.Trex – Soul for sale (Paul T& Edward Oberon RMX)
75.Precise – LA beats
76.Leaf – Horror
77.Agro & Too Greezey & Kumarachi – Former Self
78.Octo Pi – Pay off VIP (DUB)
79.Kursiva – Mayan funk
80.Octo Pi – Stay classy (DUB)
81.The phunk junkies – Settle down (Octo Pi RMX)
82.Section & Agro & Mentah – Funkmonger
83.Octo Pi – Dark water (DUB)
84.Kiril – Turn back time
85.Octo Pi & Trafic MC – Swiped from you (DUB)
86.Pola & Bryson – Diamonds fall (Was a be RMX)
87.BCEE – Surfacing
88.Imba – Starlight
89.Jaybee & Trex – Poison dart
90.Ill Truth – Simiah
91.Bladerunner – Burning
92.Brian Brainstorm – Kings road dub
93.Sweet & Sikka – Rising sun
94.AI – True colours

Kubic Eye-Exclusive mix-Episode 310
August 20, 2017 09:49 AM PDT
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Hello all of you out there!! Welcome to episode 310 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Thank you Dj Inubito for the mix we featured for episode 309!

Episode 310 brings us a mix from Kubic Eye, the head honcho at Auraya Recordings! For those of you unfamiliar with Auraya Recordings, here are some tracks you should grab from this up and coming label, the first three are free downloads from the Auraya Recordings soundcloud page and the Kubic Eye tracks can be purchased via Juno and Bandcamp! Please pick up Basic Forces-Comedown, Javano-Shaded, and Altex-Wince. Purchase Kubic Eye-Daydreamer and Invention via Juno or Bandcamp!

Kubic Eye's mix is a selection of some great tunes, headnoddin rollers galore, everything from deep, dark tracks, amen tunes, ragga influenced bits, and heavy bass punishers! An added plus to this mix is a remix of the classic from Shy Fx, Bambaata and Represent from Brockie and Ed Solo, love this mix!!

Let's meet the man behind Auraya Recordings, Kubic Eye:

UK based, Drum and Bass Artist

I'm all about the rollers, with bubbling and funky grooves.
I go darker too with my rhythmical stylings, but always injected with my musical influences - Reggae, Jazz, Hip Hop, Swing, Soul, Jazz and Funk.

For more music from Kubic Eye and Auraya Recordings, please click the links below:








Enjoy the sounds of Kubic Eye!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!


Will Miles - The Heavies
Brockout - Assassins
Lloydie Crucial - Somethings Going On (Lion UK Remix)
Audiomission - Natty Dread
DJ Hybrid - What Else (VIP Mix)
Marlon Asher - Ganja Farmer (Falkwun Remix)
OPIUS - Street Sinner
ShyFX - Bambaata (Break Remix)
Release - Black Edge
Sureshock ft Missfudge - Raised With Lions
UZI - Benson Dub
OPIUS - High Level Gangsters
Margaman - Something Out There
Margaman - Babylon System
Margaman - Metamorphosizm
Margaman - The Hearse
LION UK - Slide
UZI - Madting Unsub, n0isemakeR - Selftitled
L sides ft Ragga Twins - Riddim Dancer
BTK - Not Going Back
Bladerunner - Lock Off VIP
DJ Brockie, Ed Solo - Represent
Schematic - Day Two

Dj Inubito-Exclusive mix-Stateside Series-Vol 1-Episode 309
July 30, 2017 04:43 AM PDT
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Good Sunday morning out there everyone!! Ready, set, and welcome to episode 309 of The Everyday Junglist Podcast!

Thank you Jinx for your mix for episode 308!!

Episode 309 brings us a mix from DJ Inubito who represents the great state of Alabama! Dj Inubito's mix is the first featured mix for our new series, The Stateside Series. The Stateside Series will feature dj's/producers from the 50 states!

Dj Inubito's mix is not for the faint of heart, this mix is ROWDY!! The mix features heavy neuro and dance floor tunes, sure to keep those heads noddin!!

Let's get an introduction to our first dj for the Stateside Series, the man from Alabama, Dj Inubito:

Inubito has been dubbed the “swiss army knife” of DJs due to his ability mix with mutiple genres. This has been the focus on many of his performances, as well as regular appearances on radio shows such as Majik City Radio (www.majikcityradio.com) and the Harmony Network (www.harmonynet.net). Through experience, Inubito has learned to play to a crowd appropriately by digging for and curating tunes like a true DJ should. This has allowed Inubito to share the stage with major drum and bass artists such as Gridlok, Tribesteppaz, Q-bik, and Liminal. Having spun across the Southeast, at conventions like Anime Weekend Atlanta, Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, Seishun-Con, and more. In addition, Inubito manages one of north Alabama’s largest parties, Club-HAMA of Hama-Con. His latest EP, “Retrofit” is available for free download through Industrial Parasite Records.

For more music from Dj Inubito, please click the links below:





Enjoy the sounds of Dj Inubito!! The Everyday Junglist Podcast!!

Track listing:

1. Bakteria - ID [Unreleased]
2. Nfunk - Genesis [Abducted LTD]
3. Matrix & Futurebound - The Wall
[Viper Recordings]
4. Optiv, CZA - Strangerlands
5. L33 feat. Hijak MC - The Crypt [C4C Recordings]
6. Noize Komplaint - Succubus [Patrol the Skies Music]
7. Krafty Kuts & Dynamite MC feat. Harry Shotta, Example - The War Is
8. Over (Erb'N'Dub) [Central Station Records]
9. A.M.C. & Turno - Unstoppable [Titan Records]
10. Jauz x Netsky - Higher (The Prototypes Remix) [Ultra]
11. SIGNALFISTA - Machines Are Now In Control (Temulent Remix) [Nervosa]
12. L Plus - Snitch [Technique Recordings]
13. HammerZz - My Rifle [Flex, Unreleased]
14. Teddy Killerz - Era [Program]
15. Blood Diamonds feat. Dominic Lorf - Barcode (Figure Remix) [OWSLA]
16. Bluescreens - Clockaround [Viper Recordings]
17. Emalkay feat. Rod Azlan - Flesh & Bone (Delta Heavy Remix) [Dub Police Records]
18. Pythius & Black Sun Empire - Heresy [Blackout Music NL]
19. Cyantific - Ice Cream [CYN Music]
20. DC Breaks - Bambino [RAM Records]
21. Current Value & Phace - Thump [Critical Music]
22. Six Blade - Lightbox [Viper Recordings]
23. Intraspekt - Dank [Viper Recordings]